Friday, August 26, 2011

Jason White's crew chief loses appeal of suspension with NASCAR

Chad Kendrick, crew chief for Jason White's No. 23 truck for Joe Denette Motorsports, had his appeal denied by the NASCAR appellate panel on Friday. 

The penalty came after NASCAR found an illegal fuel cell during inspection while at Lucas Oil Raceway last month. According to NASCAR, the top rack of the fuel cell was not secured to the top of the fuel cell container and the fuel cell top rack location was also not in the approved spot. 

Kendrick's penalty includes a four race suspension, NASCAR probation until the end of 2011 and he was also received a monetary fine of $2,500 for the rules violation.

In a statement, the appeals panel said "The Appellant acknowledged the fuel cell container did not visually appear to have the proper configuration required per the 2011 Rule Book. The Appellant contested the severity and consistency of the fine for the infractions related to the penalties. Upon hearing the testimony and carefully reviewing the facts, the unanimous decision of the National Stock Car Racing Appeals Panel was to uphold the original penalties assessed by NASCAR.”


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