Kids embrace Dale Jr.

The Dale Earnhardt Jr. Toddler/Booster Car Seat.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. now has a new car seat for the toddler in your life. Recently, Dale Jr.’s seat passed the ultimate test: saving the life of a young fan.

The car seat is made just like the seat Dale Jr. and and his fellow drivers have in their racecars. The headrest is wrapped around the head and has a five-point harness that keeps the child locked in the seat.

Laura Harnish of Brunswick, Maine, purchased the seat for her 4-year-old son. Weeks after buying the seat, Harnish was in a dangerous crash - her SUV rolled over and ended up upside down. Fortunately, when Harnish checked her backseat, her son was securely strapped into his car seat.

KidsEmbrace is the company that makes the car seat. After Harnish contacted the company to tell her story, KidsEmbrace sent her a new seat and had her return the old one to research the seat to assure continued safety for future car seats.

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