Rule Change for Pit Road Procedures

The gas man will now only be able to add fuel, no adjustments will be made by by them any
longer in an effort to ensure safety.
Credit: John Harrelson/Getty Images for NASCAR

The following rule change is effective August 11, 2011 for all three NASCAR national series:

9-15 Pit Procedures During Race -

M. The fuel handler must be in control of the fuel can at all times when fuel is being added to the car.  The fuel handler will not be permitted to perform any adjustments or other pit stop procedures while the fuel can coupler is engaged with the car-mounted adapter.

"In an ongoing effort to keep pit road safer, we have made this adjustment to the duties of the fuel handler. If the fueler's only responsibility is to fuel the car, he will do a better job and make fewer mistakes on pit road." - NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Director John Darby.
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