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The world of NASCAR offers a whole host of things to enjoy. From racing to collecting, people watching to garage peeping, there is so much to gain from being a NASCAR fan. Aside from “being there”, NASCAR also has a plethora of literature about its history, personalities, and significance in American sports. As a book nut it pleases me to no end to find a book about NASCAR, crack its spine, and read the words and see the pictures associated with my favorite sport.

The first book I purchased as a NASCAR fan was a fan appreciation book chronicling Richard Petty’s “Farewell to the Fans” season. It was soft-covered, hued in Petty blue, and was truly a “best-of” assortment of pictures and anecdotes about The King’s many years in NASCAR. The second book was some unauthorized biography of Dale Earnhardt, the only thing I could find at the time as he was still living and in the heyday of his career. Over the years my husband and I added to our collection getting gifts of NASCAR overviews, NASCAR drivers from a current season, and the like. Each book held our interest, solidified our fandom, and left us always wanting more.

Although today’s world offers instant news, updates, and breaking stories through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, I still gravitate to my collection of NASCAR books. Some may be dated, faces may be gone, but the history remains. And to have the information at my fingertips, pictures to look at, touch, and ogle, leaves me feeling closer to the men I admire; as if I am somehow a part of their story. I even, in 2008, trying to re-up my NASCAR fandom, picked up a copy of NASCAR for Dummies at the grocery store!

For a time the books stopped entering the home. A combination of having a varied collection and not having the time to devote to reading them led to a cessation of purchasing NASCAR books. That was, until my family and I visited the NASCAR Hall of Fame this past April. As chronicled, we enjoyed the entire day at the museum, took part in the interactive displays, listened and watched the media, and marveled at the NASCAR artifacts. When the clocked ticked relentlessly to closing time we spent the final moments in the gift shop. We bought a commemorative magnet, a postcard of the structure, and a couple of other little trinkets. My husband, I saw, was eying a book, nearly a tome! It was large, thick, and black, and he was drawn to it. NASCAR The Complete History called to him and I was not leaving until it was in his possession. Taking this as a cue, I decided it was time to continue adding works about NASCAR as long as they were truly wanted. For Father’s Day I gave my husband a copy of Michael Waltrip’s book In the Blink of an Eye because he is a huge MW fan.

NASCAR offers so much to collect, read, experience, and enjoy. Having a NASCAR library offers my family immense pleasure. I’m grateful that in this day of digital and technological advancement, there are still books to be purchased, opened, and read. Feeding our NASCAR obsession by buying books is a joy and yet another reason why I love NASCAR.

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