Why I Love NASCAR: Carl Edwards

The smile is undeniable and a reason why I love NASCAR and Carl Edwards.
Credit: Debbie Ross for Skirts and Scuffs

When I returned to NASCAR  in 2007 after a six year absence, Carl Edwards had entered the scene. Already making a name for himself in the Truck Series, the Nationwide Series, and in the Sprint Cup Series, Carl Edwards was the real deal. Many on the NASCAR fan site I joined were fans of the Roush Racing driver, but he hadn’t entered my radar.

Once I witnessed a win by Carl Edwards my husband urged me to keep my eye on the television for the amazing flip he performs upon getting out of the car after a win. The story was told to me that Carl Edwards had once seen another driver do the very same flip upon winning a race and getting out of the car and Edwards wanted to copy the move. He was a novice at flipping but worked tirelessly to exact the stunt and adopted it as his own signature. Is it impressive? Sure. But I cannot help but be the overly paranoid mom thinking, “He shouldn’t do that; all it takes is one time for something to go wrong and his career is or, God forbid, his life is over!” Sometimes I’m not the most rational!

Flip aside, I was never a huge fan of Carl Edwards and, in fact, have rooted against him in previous years. When I have witnessed his anger on the track, in interviews, and reported by the media, it gave fuel to the fire of my dislike. There were, and, quite frankly, are a slew of drivers I’d rather see win before Carl Edwards.

But Edwards’ charm is undeniable. His talent is unavoidable, and his determination unflappable. Winning races, no matter what series, is what Carl does best.  Add to that his personable ways, fabulous abs, and megawatt smile, Carl Edwards does a lot for the sport to gain and keep fans. His commercials are funny, he’s quite relevant, and he’s an impressive spokesman. When ESPN or any other channel carrying the race is lucky enough to have Carl Edwards enter the broadcast booth, the ratings must shoot up. Quick-witted, well spoken, and a master communicator, Carl Edwards may have a different calling for as fantastic as he is in a racecar, Carl Edwards is a phenomenal broadcaster!

In this era of Jimmie Johnson, Hendrick-dominated NASCAR Sprint Cup wins, it is great to have a viable competitor to root for consistently. Carl Edwards has a strong shot at winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup this year. And, regardless of his strengths on the track, Carl Edwards is a giant in the booth. Either way, Carl Edwards’ presence in NASCAR as yet another reason why I love NASCAR!
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