Juliet’s last name may be Speed ...

But she definitely took her time

Meet Juliet Leigh Speed, who entered the world at 5:47 p.m. on Oct. 4, 2011.  Juliet came into this world weighing 9 pounds, 4 ounces, and both the baby and Amanda are doing great.  I got a chance to talk with Amanda yesterday about the baby, Scott, and of course, their son Rex.  Below is the conversation with Amanda and photos throughout.

kissin in baby room
Sharing a quiet moment in Juliet's nursery.
It’s an exciting day in the Speed family … Scott, Amanda and Rex have welcomed the arrival of the newest addition to the family, Little Miss Juliet.

Juliet was set for her entrance somewhere around Sept. 24, as per the Speeds' announcement here on Skirts and Scuffs and through his favorite media site, Twitter. We had the privilege to share in their story from the beginning, Scott and Amanda Speed to welcome daughter in September. After 40 weeks into the pregnancy and still no Juliet, the couple induced labor on Tuesday.

yosemite poise
Scott and Amanda on an outing to Yosemite. Staying fit
during pregnancy was important to Amanda. 
I asked Amanda a few questions recently and wanted to share them with you. I hope to be bringing you among the first new photos of the Speed family.

LB (Lindi Bess): You’ve picked a name, correct?
AS (Amanda Speed): Juliet (Leigh) Speed.

LB: Have you decorated her nursery?
AS: To decorate the nursery: the furniture and the curtains are from Pottery Barn, crib bumper and sheets from Aunt Bucky (online site), rug, toy box and end table from Target, most all the little odds and ends are from Babies 'R' Us, the paper lanterns and flowers in the corner of the ceiling are from Etsy.com. We painted the room five different ways before we evidently gave up and hired a painter to paint the stripes, which we love!


Rex talking with Juliet
Rex spending time with baby Juliet.
LB: Do you keep a pregnancy journal?
AS: No pregnancy journal really ...

LB: How excited is Rex about having a little sister?
AS: Rex is SUPER excited. He wanted a sister from the beginning. Every day he talks to my belly and tells her to come out. He is all the time hanging out in the nursery and she isn’t even here yet.

Rex and mama
She is obviously going to be late, since she was due on Sept. 23. Scott, as well as myself, just hopes she doesn’t come this weekend when he is racing. If she does, he will do all he can to get back here in time, but hopefully she comes today or tomorrow or next week. If she is not here by the middle of next week, we will induce. I had to induce with Rex too. He was 13 days late, so she is just as stubborn as he was ... LOL.

LB: Advice on favorite brands of diapers or baby wipes?
AS: I like Pampers pampers and Huggies wipes! The work the best from what I can remember from the first time.

LB: What type of music do you think she'll listen to?
AS: I think she’ll like country music, but I am sure she will like it all. Just like we do! She normally is pretty quiet and still in my belly when there is noise and when it is silent is when she wants to dance around, so it will be interesting, I guess she is already a racetrack baby. Loves the noise!

LB: Do you have any nicknames for her yet?
AS: I call her Jules!

I have bought some stuff, but honestly I have great friends and family. They have bought me everything! My favorite website is www.punkbabyclothes.net.
family and texting shirt (2)
baby cake
The above photos are from baby Juliet's baby shower.
Now 40 weeks into the pregnancy, the couple is excited for the addition to the family, though Amanda did share that the worst part is not being able to "work out like I'm Rocky" and that some of her favorite foods aren't so appetizing anymore. 
LB: Natural or "meds now!"
AS: I will try to go natural, just like I did the first time, but the first time I was in labor for 27 hours, so I gave up and opted for drugs. I am not ruling them out this time, either.
epideral (2)
after epidermal
Opting for an epidural, Amanda was able to rest to endure labor.
Looks like Amanda opted for some help. And it looks like she’s feeling much better.

Labor is worth it when you get to look into the eyes of the beautiful life you created.
Photo credit: Scott Speed for Skirts and Scuffs
Stay tuned to Skirts and Scuffs for an update on the Speed family in the coming weeks.
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