Dear Santa ...


Thanksgiving has passed, and now the boys and girls of NASCAR sit and write the Christmas lists for Santa Claus. Wonder what they are wishing for?

Dear Santa –
All I want for Christmas is a ride for 2012!
~ Brian Vickers, David Reutimann and David Ragan

Dear Santa -
Want some Amp to get ‘round the world faster? A sleighload is on its way to you in trade for a win next season! And THANKS for Letarte last year, best gift ever! 
~ Dale Jr. and Junior Nation

Dear Santa –
We are sorry for being bad this year! Please let the fans forgive us and give us a chance to redeem ourselves in 2012. Please let our sponsors forgive us as well, after all, they are who pays the bills.
(P.S. Tell NASCAR to leave you a tip, they have lots of our spare change lying in a jar.)
~ The Busch Brothers

Dear Santa -
Third place again? Man ... This is getting old fast! Thanks for the new crew chief though. You got my earlier notes I take it? You’re awesome.
~ Kevin “Now Happy” Harvick

Dear Santa –
Man, I got that 3rd Sprint Cup title. I don’t need anything from you now. I just wanted to write you and tell you I DID IT. Thanks man. Wanna come party in Vegas? Bring the Mrs., but leave them reindeer at home.
~ Tony Stewart

Hey Santa -
Man, it was a great season. Stewart got the trophy but now I am without a job - ya think you can help me out? Do the sleigh and reindeer need a crew chief?
~ Darian Grubb

Dear Santa –
Sorry for my radio rants at times. It’s the heat of battle and the pressure gets to me. I need to learn not to click the button and scream! (Yoga lessons would be a great gift by the way.) Thanks for understanding.
~ We shall remain nameless in shame of our behavior

Dear Santa -
I tried!! I need a rest, can I have a massive bottle of aspirin, some gift certificates to the spa and a therapist to vent to now?
~ A frustrated and Busched out Steve Addington

Dear Santa -
My reign has come to an end … but it’s been a heck of a time atop the NASCAR world. Can you please find my horseshoe? (Check Stewie’s house)
~ The only 5-time Jimmie Johnson

Dear Santa –
I am sorry for the GoDaddy commercials, they make me do it! 2011 was a great year and bigger things are ahead for 2012. Please let me make it into the Daytona 500 – that is the only gift I need.
~ Danica Patrick

Dear Santa -
We could not figure out what to ask for separately, so we are writing you together. We both got some awesome bling this year, so maybe let us share the No. 21 Wood Brothers ride for 2012? That would be our dream come true.
~Ricky vs. and Trevor

Dear Santa -
Times are tough but we want to thank our sponsors, AFLAC, Fastenal, Ford ... my family, fans and most of all I am thankful for a great season. Tell Tony Stewart I am coming for him in 2012! I don’t need any gifts, please just send them to the children who need them.
~ Carl Edwards

Dear Santa -
Please bring me better engines and luck for next year cause my FedEx ain’t delivering!
~ Denny Hamlin

Hey Santa -
We love ya man and we love our fans just as much as the Cup drivers do! All we want for Christmas is for fans to tune in each weekend - we drive for the same glory they do.
~ The NCWTS and NNS drivers

Dear Santa -
Can you help us find the missing NASCAR rulebook? We need to clearly define some rules in black and white and need your help please. (Please keep this letter on the DL – we do not need this being leaked to the media – they will have a field day with this!)
~ Brian France and Mike Helton

Dear Santa -
Thank you for a wonderful 2011 season and for our awesome fans and team. Please tell us where to find the elusive money tree so we can head to more races in 2012!
~ Katy Lindamood and the Skirts and Scuffs team

*The author intends this for purely comical value, no offense or harm was meant.*
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