Jeremy Mayfield arrested for drug possession

Credit: Chris Trotman
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Jeremy Mayfield is back in the headlines after being arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Mayfield has been involved in lawsuits with NASCAR since he failed a drug test back in 2009.

Mayfield was arrested Tuesday evening at his Catawba, N.C., home. Deputies from the Catawba County Sheriff's Office were at the Mayfield residence to serve a search warrant after receiving a tip that stolen property from Red Bull Racing was inside the house.

Joined by three other local law enforcement agencies, deputies found 1.5 grams of methamphetamine, dozens of firearms, and several items believed to be stolen, according to the investigation report. Scene Daily reported that among the property found at Mayfield’s home were items from Red Bull Racing, the state of North Carolina and two local equipment parts businesses.

“We can confirm that we filed a police report for stolen property earlier this year,” Red Bull Racing officials said in a statement. “We have been made aware of the Mayfield situation and are working with local authorities to gain more information."

Mayfield is only charged with drug possession at the present time. The district attorney will decide whether to file charges on the stolen property.

Mayfield was released on $3,000 unsecured bond after appearing in court Wednesday morning

Mayfield’s case against NASCAR is currently under appeal in the federal court system. To date, Mayfield is the only Sprint Cup driver to be suspended for failing a random drug test. Mayfield claims that the failure was a false positive due to a combination of an over-the-counter allergy medication and prescription medication for attention hyperactivity deficit disorder.
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