Keselowski no longer a wildcard

Starting the Chase as a wildcard, Brad Keselowski showed he has what it
takes to contend with the best as he is now 5th in points.

Being a newcomer to the Chase is a tough job. Competing against names like the five-time champion Jimmie Johnson, four-time champion Jeff Gordon and 11 other drivers who are veterans of the Chase format isn't easy. This year Brad Keselowski has done it – proven that a newcomer can compete in the Chase.

For Keselowski, just in his second full season of competition at the Sprint Cup series level, a lot has been gained in two seasons. Four wins, 11 top-five and 20 top-10 finishes definitely make Keselowski a driver to watch every weekend. 

Starting as a wildcard, just barely missing the top 10 in points, Brad Keselowski has had a great season. With 3 wins (Kansas, Pocono and Bristol), he currently sits fifth in the points standings, -49 behind Carl Edwards.

During today’s NASCAR teleconference, Keselowski was asked what he has learned in his run towards the championship and if this makes him ready to strike next year.

“Well, I think you're always learning in this sport," said Keselowski. “I think as a team we've grown together. I don't know if that's really learning as much as that is learning the importance of having good people around you.  We have great people at Penske. Paul Wolfe and I seem to be clicking very well.  I think we have a great shot of having a very competitive year next season.”

“But we're not done with 2011,” continued Keselowski. “We still have two races left. We have the opportunity to get up to at the very least third in points, or maybe higher if Carl and Tony make a mistake.  We're very proud of the season we've had.”

 I asked Keselowski about what it means to leap from a wildcard to fifth. Does that give him a lot of pride? "Absolutely,” said Keselowski with a resolute tone in his voice. “It just says how far we've come as a race team over not just the last year, but really six months.  It's been very good.  I'm very proud of our efforts.  I think we can still be better.  I think we have room to grow in a lot of ways.  I'm committed to doing that.”

“I'm very proud of what we've done to date and I hope we can go out there and keep racing like this for years to come,” said Keselowski.
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