NASCAR Fitness: 48Jimmie's

Welcome to the new column titled "NASCAR Fitness." I will be hosting these videos. My goal is to inspire you to have a new hobby until the beginning of the NASCAR season this coming February.
There are many reasons why working out is important, and here are some of my favorite:

1. It is a lot of fun
2. Keeps you in a good mood
3. Keeps you busy
4. Gives you energy
5. Makes you strong
6. You'll sleep better

Today's first video is 48 Jimmie's!

We all know Jimmie Johnson lifts weights to stay in shape, so I've put together a short routine to get you started.

Today's fun challenge: 48 Repetitions! For more details on what that means: watch this video!

Genevieve is a freelance writer living on Lake Norman in North Carolina. She loves to work out, is a former fitness competitor and model, and spends her time writing, reading and hanging out with her niece.
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