NASCAR In Heels: Fashion Police

The Great American Sport through the eyes of a single girl

A police officer…what a job for me; a fashion police officer that is!

This week I acted as “fashion police officer” in regards to all the red carpet fashion we saw at the Sprint Cup Series Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas. There were a couple dominant styles and colors. Red and black were both worn by a few ladies, and we saw a few one-shoulder dresses. Everyone looked stunning! Well, almost everyone…

There were not many fashion offenders, so that made my job easy. There were, however, so many gorgeous dresses, it was hard to pick my top 5! I’ve also taken a look at the entertainment, host, and of course the drivers’ fashion choices. It looked like had such a great time, I can only hope to get there someday! If anyone needs a red carpet representative, you know where to find me!

Check out the video below to see my complete rundown of all the hits and misses from last weekend’s festivities!

Holly Strain is bringing her spin on the NASCARworld to Skirts and Scuffs, as she says, it is The Great American Sport through the eyes of a single girl. Holly is a Canadian born writer currently studying for her Bachelor of Arts degree focusing on Communications and Media Relations through Athabasca University. Feel free to contact Holly onTwitter.
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