Accessible Racing and Skirts and Scuffs join together in new venture

Plymouth, New Hampshire -  Brian Hanaford, President of Accessible Racing, and Katy Lindamood, Founder of Skirts and Scuffs (.com), are pleased to announce a partnership for 2012. Joining forces, the two companies will work together in an effort to break down barriers. 

What is Accessible Racing?
Accessible Racing is the world’s first ‘Arrive and Drive’ experience for disabled Veterans and civilians, be it wheelchair bound or blind. Through groundbreaking technology, Accessible Racing has removed the barriers for anyone wanting the unique experience of climbing behind the wheel of a stock car. 

What is Skirts and Scuffs?
Skirts and Scuffs is a premiere NASCAR website, staffed by an all-female contingent of 22 writers and two staff photographers who provide fans insightful articles and interviews on the latest NASCAR news and headlines. Skirts and Scuffs is a member of the NASCAR Citizen Journalist Media Corps and in 2011 provided first-hand coverage from 15 of the 36 Sprint Cup Series events. The 2012 season holds much promise for the ladies of Skirts and Scuffs starting with the Daytona 500, to coverage at the Sprint Cup Series All-Star Race and everywhere in between. 

Working together
Skirts and Scuffs Associate Editor Amanda Ebersole is working exclusively with Hanaford and Accessible Racing, aiming to provide media promotion to Accessible Racing and Skirts and Scuffs at the same time. For Ebersole, it is a personal mission. Wheelchair-bound for nine years with a spinal cord injury, Ebersole is a passionate NASCAR fan who longs to know that stock car experience herself. 

Through her passion for racing, Ebersole found out about Skirts and Scuffs and now writes on an almost daily basis. With this joint venture between Skirts and Scuffs and Accessible Racing, Ebersole will be able to be a liaison between the two businesses as they each work together towards a goal of an Accessible Racing tour in 2012. and are a perfect combination for Ebersole to promote both companies. 

“Since its infancy, Skirts and Scuffs has been about debunking stereotypes and breaking down barriers for female race fans,” said Lindamood, who founded Skirts and Scuffs in 2009. “To partner with Accessible Racing  is the opportunity of a lifetime. The cause, which we at S&S hold dear, gives hope back to those who once thought they could never live a normal life or feel the roar of the engine under their body.  It’s an honor to work with Brian and his team to continue breaking down barriers.”

Hanaford, who founded Accessible Racing in 2008,  has laid out a plan that includes multiple visits to NASCAR races this year. While at the races, Accessible Racing plans to reach out to the disabled community with planned visits to local children’s and VA hospitals so they can experience what Accessible Racing is. Working on dates at regional short tracks, Accessible Racing has a goal of attending bigger venues such as races at Charlotte Motor Speedway, New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Bristol Motor Speedway, with others to be determined.

“Everything costs money. Accessible Racing is launching a Virtual World Challenge online-gaming experience for global motorsport enthusiasts,” said Hanaford. “The plan is in line with the program set forth by the three-day fundraisers for AIDS and Breast Cancer Awareness. Accessible Racing’s drive to network with Skirts and Scuffs is to deliver opportunities for people who support our cause to join us in the pit, behind the wheel, or in the hospitality tent. Amanda will be sharing new members of Accessible Racing and HUGE opportunities that are developing due to our relationship with Skirts and Scuffs"

To get the latest news on Accessible Racing’s plans for 2012, follow their social media websites on Twitter and also on Facebook as plans develop, updates will be provided. 

Contact information:
Brian Hanaford: Ph. (603) 726-6477 e-mail:
Katy Lindamood:  Ph. (606) 571-3126  e-mail:
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