Bayne and McMurray united by faith and Daytona 500 wins

Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne shares his faith openly.
Credit: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images for NASCAR

Faith has always played a large role in NASCAR. Since the early days of the sport, the two have been intertwined in a way that makes it impossible to avoid. While other major sports shy away from talk of religion and even ridicule those who make public displays of their faith, NASCAR celebrates it. Drivers are seen praying with their teams on pit road, standing with heads bowed during the pre-race invocation.

During Tuesday's sessions of the NASCAR Sprint Media Tour hosted by Charlotte Motor Speedway, Jamie McMurray and Trevor Bayne, the two most recent Daytona 500 winners, discussed their faith and how it's gotten them through the tough times and made the good times a little sweeter.

McMurray, who saw success in 2010, winning three big races, is coming off the worst season of his career. A disappointing 27th in points isn't what the Missouri native had in mind, but his strong sense of faith helped him through the disappointment. When asked how his faith played a role in how he went on day to day when it sometimes felt everything was falling out from under him, McMurray said, "I just believe that there's a plan. No matter whether it's good or bad that happens to you, you just believe that there is a plan out there for you and just always stand behind it. If I have a bad day I know there's something better around the corner."

Bayne shocked the world winning the Daytona 500 in 2011, but later saw his share of misfortune. Sidelined for several weeks after being diagnosed with Lyme disease, Bayne lost the momentum he gained early on. Although he was able to capture his first Nationwide win at Texas Motor Speedway, it wasn't what he thought would be in the cards after Daytona. But regardless of what's going on in his life, Bayne is dedicated to spreading his faith. He commented on an upcoming mission trip saying, "The purpose is to spread the gospel. That's important to me, and it keeps me humble.”

On whether or not he's disappointed in the plans, or lack thereof, for 2012, Bayne said, "I can't be disappointed if that's what happens 'cause that's been the plan since the beginning of the offseason. It was never the goal. The goal was obviously full time ... we could have something come up."

Bayne and McMurray will put their faith and conviction to the test next month as they look to start the season on a solid note.
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