Daytona testing creates new fad with Twitter

Fans love the on-demand atmosphere that Twitter creates, and drivers know it.
Credit: Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR
A new fad is all the rage at Daytona, and all the cool kids are doing it - what is it you ask? Tweeting while driving! Wait, did I just say that? Yes, I think I did and part of me is screaming "No! The cops will pull you over for that!" But this is NASCAR, a closed course and I suppose it is “safer"?

Drivers and posting on Twitter were all the rage in 2011, but the bar has now been raised in 2012. Jimmie Johnson and Greg Biffle both posted in-car videos yesterday, retweeted by the masses. Johnson showed his “view from the office” while sitting on pit road. Johnson was “Biffled” when Biffle shot a Twitter video while driving. Check it out: "How about this from my office" and for comparison, here is Johnson's office video: "The view from my office." While searching these videos, I found this post that Johnson tweeted and I prefer this video instead: a visitor at the office.

While they have been the only two drivers to shoot a video thus far (there is still plenty of time), most of the “active” roster of Twitterers have been busy tweeting messages during testing. Here are just a select few:

keselowski (Brad Keselowski)
Just making our first lap of the day @DISupdates New rules have the cars hauling A$$. I like it! #ManUp #daytonatesting

JimmieJohnson (Jimmie Johnson)
I've been caught by @speed! Even with higher MPH on the track, single car runs R boring! Thankfully we have social media to keep us busy.

Before heading out to Friday’s pack drafting session:

Regan_Smith (Regan Smith)
Business is about to pick up!

If you are new to Twitter or unsure how to follow your favorite driver, go to, search #NASCAR and a plenitude of people show up, both drivers and fans.

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