Kentucky Speedway making progress toward improvements

Planned changes at Kentucky Motor Speedway will better help the
flow of traffic and also add parking to the track.
The melee surrounding Kentucky Speedway’s July 2011 race isn’t one that fans will soon forget. After shelling out hundreds of dollars on tickets, fans found themselves in traffic for hours as they waited and waited to get in. Although many fans made it to the stands, thousands were turned away due to a lack of parking. Those who did make it in were greeted with a shortage of concessions and less than adequate facilities. What was supposed to be a great success for the state of Kentucky turned in to a public relations nightmare for Speedway Motorsports Incorporated (SMI) and left most fans declaring they would never return.

Since that weekend SMI, Kentucky Speedway’s parent company has worked to improve conditions and give fans the weekend they should have gotten the first time around.

During a press conference held on Wednesday, Kentucky Speedway outlined the following changes.
  • Expanded parking area ( with a total of 173 acres)
  • Current grass parking upgraded to include gravel aisles
  • Widening of I-71 exit ramp to improve the flow of traffic entering on to Kentucky 35
  • Improved plan for both foot and vehicle traffic
  • Better campsites, some with electrical service.
SMI founder Bruton Smith called what happened in 2012, “a little bit of a problem with traffic” saying that less than one third of those who were hired to act as vehicle parking attendants actually showed up.

“We’re making it better, better, better all the time,” said Smith as he addressed members of the media from all around the globe during the NASCAR Sprint Media Tour hosted by Charlotte Motor Speedway.

According to information released the amount of money spent on the track is, “north of 80 million dollars since we bought the place,” said Smith addressing the changes being made.

Kentucky will host their second Sprint Cup Series race on June 30.
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