Kyle and Samantha: Taking on the World

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Busch
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I checked in with Samantha and Kyle Busch as they approached their first wedding anniversary as the 2011 NASCAR season drew to an end. The teams shook hands and made their way back to their families and friends. Drivers will be able to spend time with their loved ones. After the baby boom that NASCAR experienced, drivers magically turn into super dads and lose their rough and tough sides to get on the floor and play with their littlest fans.

The Busch family, consisting of Kyle, Samantha, and their four-legged children Kelly and Suzie, have just spent their first year together as a family. I got the chance to talk with Sam prior to the end of the year and catch up on the happenings of the Busch family.
Lindi Bess: As Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Busch, you made it through your first anniversary (the couple were married Dec. 31, 2010). How has your first year of marriage been?
Samantha Busch: The first year as a married couple has been wonderful! We had a great year on and off the track. We went on a few fun and romantic trips and also really worked hard to finish decorating the house. As you know we also just finished hosting our first holiday together as a married couple, which was a huge success! It's great, always having a partner and someone to bounce ideas off of, talk to and just be a shoulder to lean on. 

LB: What has been the most romantic thing Kyle has done for you in your first year of marriage that you would want to share?
SB: Kyle is very romantic. He surprises me all the time with dates or fun activities that he has planned. I thought what was especially sweet was that on the morning of our wedding he had flowers sent to the room with a very nice long letter tucked in them. Which of course made me cry and the makeup artist was not happy about! 

LB: What are you doing now in terms of your career, the Kyle Busch Motorsports race shop, and college?
SB: Things were pretty busy this year, the most notable was hosting two big fashion shows! One was at the North Carolina Music Factory for Fashion's Night Out and the other was the the official Charlotte, N.C., Fashion Week hosted by InStyler, which was a three-night event featuring many talented local designers. Other then that I have been working away on my website continuing to focus on fitness, nutrition, fashion and many other topics. I would love to continue down this path one day doing a fitness video, styling or other such work for a company like TJ Maxx or Marshalls or anything in these areas. On my site I try to focus on trendy fashions at a great price!

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As for school I am currently finishing up my master's in industrial/organizational psychology through Austin Peay State University and should be done this December. I have been working on my applied research paper non-stop this fall.

My schoolwork, which can be thought of as a topic similar to HR, has come in handy at KBM. Kyle and I are working hard to continue to grow KBM, be competitive each week out on the track and make sure our employees enjoy working for Kyle Busch Motorsports. We have made great strides this year in the foundation also.

christmasWe recently raised over $65,000 at a fishing tournament we held in Texas. With that money we will supply our five homes with one big group present and then each individual child will also receive a gift of their choice for Christmas. We have been getting all of their Christmas lists in and are happy to make this day special for the over 250 children that reside in the homes. Additionally, we are looking to sponsor a few families in the area that are struggling in order to make Christmas special for their children. 

LB: As a designer for KBM, what do you have in store for 2012? Do you have any design experience in your background?
SB: We recently launched a new gray zip-up hoodie for the ladies which has a really cool burnout screen print design. I really like this piece because it is super soft and warm. Also, it has a hidden area for your iPod and I get a lot of use out of it especially taking the dogs for long walks. I do not have any formal design training but it has always been something I loved to do.

For 2012 keep an eye out for some great new tanks and Ts all in figure-flattering, longer cuts. I really find that the main concern for designing things is that it has to accentuate a woman's shape. Boxy T's that are designed for men just do not work on ladies. They need longer lengths, more shapely cuts and design patterns that flatter them. 

LB: Who cooks the meals for the most part? What is Kyle's favorite meal to prepare?
SB: I do all of the cooking. The only thing Kyle makes is mac and cheese. 

LB: It was mentioned in your previous interview that one of Kyle's pet peeves was your leaving the time on the microwave - do you still do this? Have any new pet peeves come out?
SB: Ha, yeah I still do that and I still leave drawers open, oops! Nope, no new pet peeves. 

LB: Your shoes are often the talk of social media and fans. Have you ever considered designing your own line of shoes for the woman on the go?
SB: This is one of my dreams! I would love to design shoes that are high fashion but at an affordable price. I would also like to focus on making them comfortable, the key is a great hidden platform and a sturdy heel. Shoes can make a boring outfit pop and can give a woman the confidence she needs for an interview, date or whatever the case may be. The quote on my website is from Marilyn Monroe: "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." 

LB: Does Kyle get a chance to "play" in the offseason? What are his hobbies besides racing?
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SB: In the offseason Kyle finally has a chance to relax. It's nice to go visit our family and friends and just sleep in! We continue to go to KBM most of the time but take time to ourselves to travel. We also really love to go to football games. We went to Denver to watch the Broncos and Bears game. I thought my Bears had it but they lost in overtime. We also had a lot of fun when Kyle was a presenter at the ACAs (Academy of Country Music awards) in Vegas. It's nice to have some down time to do different things like this and meet new people. 

LB: Have you and Kyle discussed starting a family anytime in the near future? Are you two being hounded by parents yet?
SB: Not for a few years. We want kids one day but we are not in a rush. We want to continue to build KBM, focus on other goals and just enjoy traveling and being with one another. The plan is for my parents to move down in a year and a half and once they are down here we will probably discuss the topic a little bit more but for right now we are just happy with four-legged, furry children! 

LB: You were in the audience at Dancing with the Stars - would you ever consider competing on the show? If yes, which of the guys would you like to partner with? Have you been asked?
SB: OMG YES! I have a slight obsession with this show. Getting to see it live was one of the most amazing things I have ever gotten to do! I think I love the show so much because it is a good family-friendly show that is so much fun to watch. It reminds me of the old-fashioned variety shows that used to be popular. During the show I DVR it so I can rewind and practice the moves. Kyle isn't too thrilled when I beg him to try to spin me or flip me but after a great deal of whining he usually will. I would love to be on that show, even though aside from Zumba I do not have any dance skills. I think all the pros are so talented but I think Derek (Hough) thinks outside the box the most. His dance to Ricki Lake with the Psycho music was genius! I joke on Twitter that I do not have the star part of Dancing with the Stars but when they have the show, Dancing With the Person Married to the Star, I am so there!

Check out Samantha’s own website where she talks about fashion, fitness and health. Samantha has dedicated the site to her followers and her fans; to help with those who are interested in her role as a “Real Fashionista." Samantha also incorporates fitness within the site, providing her fans with videos on training and workouts.

You can also stay in touch with Samantha on Facebook and Twitter for all her style, beauty, and fitness advice, in addition to her website. Also check out the Kyle Busch Foundation Facebook page for more photos on the fishing tournament and the time they spent with the children that benefited from their work.

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