Bryson's F.U.E.L takes on Car Warriors

Bryson and LaLa motivated the Street Customs team
as they took on the task of Car Warriors. 
Jim Smith, proud father to Bryson from Bryson’s F.U.E.L, is taking his message of childhood cancer awareness to the national spotlight.

As owner of Street Customs and Restorations based in Mooresville, NC, Smith will be appearing on SPEED TV’s hit show Car Warriors.

As seen in the promo clip, Smith and his team focus on Bryson as their motivation.
SPEED aired a season preview on February 24th but the Street Customs episode airs on March 7th at 9pm ET. The premise of the show is simple: Two teams are given 48 hours to rebuild an entire car from a hunk of junk. Each team must focus of the body, drivetrain, suspension, interior, electronics and of course drive ability of the car. Throughout the 48 hours challenges arise, it is not so straightforward. There is limited supplies and host Jimmy Shine has challenges for the team to overcome if the want the same parts. Winner take all. In the end, the winner walks away with their car and the loser walks away empty handed.

That task is a huge undertaking for anyone; 48 hours to rebuild a scrapped car? That is insane! But with a talented team and motivation anything is possible.

What better motivation then Bryson and all the children battling childhood cancer?

Bryson will play a prominent role in the design scheme of the car build, but you will have to tune into see the finished product.

"A picture of Bryson and LaLa (his stuffed dog he has had since birth) was our motivation" said Smith. "The whole thing kind of took a life of its own. From Car Warriors usually being about drama, tension and people not getting along once the 48 hours starts to wear on you, but we held our cool because we (the team) have a history in racing and we are used to the pressure cooker situations. The stories that ends up coming out of it is about Bryson, that he is my drive and motivation."

Not once during the 48 hours did Smith take a  break; he did not take a snooze, stop to eat - nothing. Why? Because of Bryson!

"My motivation was to see this car finished, to win the competition for my son. To take this car, when and if we win, to car shows and lease it out to car shows, we can make some money for Bryson's F.U.E.L and bring awareness to childhood cancer. I would like to have someone like Barrett Jackson auction the car off, if we won, having all the money go to our charity. What I would really like to do, someday when Bryson is 16, is give him that car. Tell him the story of when he was 5 years old and had cancer, dad did this TV show and here is this car we built in your honor and for your foundation. That would be really cool."

Jimmy spoke with such excitement over the possibilities for the car, which online has been hinted at as being a 1972 Chevelle, that we have to wait with anticipation to see IF they won. Either way, it is great exposure for such a worthwhile cause.

Are you in the Mooresville and Charlotte areas? Bryson's F.U.E.L will be out in full force to celebrate the night the show is broadcast. They are hosting a party at Mooresville SportsPage  and would love you to come out and join in. SportsPage is a steadfast sponsor of F.U.E.L, hosting a "Give back to F.U.E.L night" every Wednesday, donating a portion of their proceeds to them.

In other news

Bryson's F.U.E.L. on board the Hot Honeys
No. 13 truck of Johnny Sauter
Bryson's F.U.E.L is making waves. The Bryson FUEL logo can be seen riding aboard the No. 13 truck of Johnny Sauter and that is just a start. Richard Childress Racing also has sported and will in the future display the F.U.E.L. logos.

Extending beyond NASCAR, Jason Line and Greg Anderson ProStock drag racers are also showing their
support of F.U.E.L.

You too can support Bryson and all the children battling cancer, visit Bryson's F.U.E.L website for more information.

Congratulations to the Street Customs team on their win! 
Bryson and LaLa on the back trunk of the car.

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