Faith on the Frontstretch: Engines Rumble and Hearts Race

Fans at Daytona.
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“...and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” Hebrews 12:1b

The 2012 NASCAR season is almost here. Are you attending a race this year? If you’ve been to the track, you know watching a race from the grandstand or the infield is a totally different experience than viewing it on television.

My first race was at Dover International Speedway with seats up high between turn 4 and the start-finish line. My senses were on overload, soaking up the colors of t-shirts and paint schemes, the smell of rubber, and the sounds of the crowd. During opening ceremonies, I savored the reverent hush, when thousands paused to remember God and country. Then the command rang out and the glorious rumble of stock car engines brought me to my feet. Man, I love that sound, don’t you? Makes my heart race.

I sat in the stands, grinning and cheering - one teeny, tiny speck in a mass of race-loving humanity. Like any true fan, I dreamed of meandering down pit road, mingling and chatting with a driver or two. Many of us are familiar with drivers – we know their faces, birthdays, wives’ and kids’ names, where they vacation. When they tweet, we read about what they’re doing and thinking. So in a strange way, we feel like we “know” the drivers.

But there are millions of NASCAR fans and drivers don’t know most of us. Even if they did recognize every single fan and wanted to chat, race day is too busy. A driver who took the time and energy to talk with everyone in the stands would never get to suit up and strap in. Therefore, most of us remain blurry, anonymous specks in the stands as the drivers speed by.

On the other hand, God does know you. Taking time for everyone is God’s specialty, even though He’s famous, too. It’s easy to think, “God has a gazillion people to watch over so how can He possibly pay attention to me?” Yet God has this incredible, unlimited ability to connect with people. He can focus on the heart of each person on earth, including you - all at the same time! It’s mind-boggling, but it’s true.

No matter what is happening in your life, God cares about every detail. He loves you now and forever. How do you know that? Because He tells you over and over in the Bible. To God, you’re way more than a teeny, tiny speck in a sea of faces. You’re special, His one-of-a-kind creation. Fill in your name in the verse below and imagine God saying it to you. He loves you so much. Love so amazing, it will make your heart race.

“I have loved ________ with an everlasting love; I have drawn ________ with loving-kindness.” (Jeremiah 31:3b)

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Beth Bence Reinke is the author of Race Fans’ Devotions to Go, a month-long, pocket-sized devotional book for female racing fans. Her column for Skirts and Scuffs explores the role of faith in motorsports. To read more of Beth’s posts, click on her name or “Faith on the Frontstretch” on the Skirts and Scuffs home page. Comment on this post or reach her via twitter: @bbreinke.

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