Max Papis streams live chat on Twitter

After racing with Germain Racing, now Max Papis finds himself with
Richard Childress Racing. Credit: Debbie Ross for Skirts and Scuffs
It all started with a tweet from Max Papis, "Twitter tribe I want to try something new I want to broadcast live in few minutes so if u have question get ready."

Being the inquisitive writer I am, I joined in the first ever "Mad Max" Twitcam chat Tuesday. Twitcam, by Livesteam, allows Twitter users to stream live video on their own channels.

It was a lot of fun to see Papis broadcast live from his home, meet his bird Senna, hear (not see) wife Tati and learn his plans for the upcoming season.

Papis discussed why he is currently not racing.

"I'm about to go to RCR, I am working with them this year. I am a coach for Austin Dillon and Ty Dillon," he explained of his current work and what is keeping him busy. "I'm kind of like their big brother."

As for Papis' plans to get back on track, he will be driving the No. 33 RCR Nationwide Series entry at Road America in June. A few other races are maybes according to Papis.

"We are working with RCR to get a full-time deal next year," Papis said before taking questions from about 120 fans in the Livestream chat.

Asked why he is not racing this year, Papis said "I had a lot of opportunities, I had some opportunities to drive for teams that I thought would not be the right fit for me. I much rather work for a company like RCR and help Ty and Austin achieve their goals and wait for my time to get into a winning car."

The chat was fun and more will follow. Tati (Max's wife) was heard off-screen and promised to join next time.

I got lost a bit with the different languages Max spoke, so one thing I learned is that I need to learn more languages!

Stay tuned to @MaxPapis on Twitter because this came out of the blue, so follow Max for the next Livestream chat. If you missed this chat, which I guarantee you did, you may view it in archive.
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