NASCAR In Heels: Playing Dress Up - Chandra Johnson Style

Chandra, Jimmie and Genevieve Johnson.
Credit: Debbie Ross for Skirts and Scuffs
Chandra Johnson is one of the most well known “NASCAR wives.” She is beautiful and always dressed with impeccable style, and by the looks of these photos, she will pass that sense of style right onto her daughter, Genevieve. 

Back in January I did a post on Samantha Busch, and how to dress like her in an affordable fashion, so this week I do the same with Chandra Johnson. Chandra has such an amazing fashion sense with unique pieces, this was quite a task for me, but I managed to find 3 different outfits all for under $120.

The Johnsons Credit: Harold Hinson Photography
The first outfit is just from a few weeks back in Phoenix. 

The Clothes: I found this maxi dress on the PacSun website. This printed dress is very similar to Chandra’s, but with their popularity these days, you can find them all over. This ¾ sleeve open front jacket is from the Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohls. This would be a great piece to buy because not only does it go great with the dress, but you could pair it with so much more.

The Shoes: In the photo it looks like Chandra is wearing flats, but instead I have chosen a simple pair of Billabong flat sandals, also from PacSun. When you’re wearing a long dress like this one, you probably won’t be able to see your shoes anyways.

The Accessories: These simple black sunglasses similar to Chandra’s are from Forever 21. I found the rest of the accessories here also. I noticed she was wearing a few different bracelets. First I have chosen a beaded bracelet, and I have paired it with a set of gold bangles and a set of neutral colored bangles. I wouldn’t suggest wearing all of these, but if you get a few different sets you have a nice variety to mix and match with.
Total: $120.70
Credit: Jimmie Johnson Foundation
The second outfit I have chosen is a bit more formal. Chandra wore this at the Jimmie Johnson Foundation’s Annual Golf Tournament and Dinner this past June. 

The Dress: I found this white dress on a very neat website called eDressme. This site has almost any kind of dress you can imagine. Uh-oh, what have I found? Might be dangerous for me!

The Shoes: I stuck with a beige strappy sandal, similar to Chandra’s. They are from target. There are plenty other sandals that would go well with this dress if you do not want a platform heel like the one that I have chosen.

The Accessories: The bangles that I have picked here are perfect for the dress. They are simple and elegant, just like Chandra’s. I also found a necklace similar to hers at Maurices. I don’t think it is as big, but it has the different shades of blue and would look great with the dress regardless.

Total: $113.79
Chandra wore this last outfit last fall at Kansas. This is another casual outfit that would be perfect for at the track, or just a day on the town. One more thing, this entire outfit is from my favorite store, Forever 21.
Credit: Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR 

The Clothes: These light denim, high-rise, flared pants are quite similar to Chandra’s, and they are under $30. Although this style isn't that popular, I think more of us need to branch out and give them a try! The top is very light and flattering. This is something women with many different body types could pull off.

The Shoes: I have included two different pairs of shoes here. The first is a cute pair of floral printed flats. The second is a pair of chunky sling back sandals. I guess your choice of footwear here would depend on your height. Either would look great, and if you are going for a look like Chandra, no one will see your shoes.

The Accessories: This brown braided belt, light brown sunglasses, and set of bangles are all so cute! And not one of them is over $8. That is music to a bargain fashionista’s, like myself, ears. 

Total: $122.00 (with both pairs of shoes)

Hopefully my suggestions will help you complete your Chandra Johnson look. She is a face that we frequently see at the track, and I for one look forward to seeing what she and Genevieve are going to wear each week. I have definitely been bitten by the shopping bug (really when aren’t I?) this season, and will be doing some shopping before my trip to the track this year. Happy Shopping!

Holly Strain is bringing her spin on the NASCAR world to Skirts and Scuffs, as she says, it is The Great American Sport through the eyes of a single girl. Holly is a Canadian born writer currently studying Publicity and Public Relations through the University of Toronto. Feel free to contact Holly on Twitter.
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