5-hour ENERGY announces sponsorship extension with MWR and Clint Bowyer

Waltrip & Bowyer (2011 Kansas Speedway)
Credit: Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR
Kansas Speedway has been the track where many huge announcements are made to the public.  Last year preceding the fall race, it was announced that Clint Bowyer would be driving for Michael Waltrip Racing in the No. 15 Toyota with a 24-race sponsorship deal with 5-hour ENERGY. Today, a joint announcement was made about the extension of sponsorship by 5-hour ENERGY for the remainder of this 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup season with the exception of the Talladega race, which is being covered by another sponsor.

Michael Waltrip is very excited about the extended sponsorship stating "that there are a lot of things that work in NASCAR and this partnership is a good example of that."  He also went on to describe this deal as "a marketing success." Additionally, Waltrip complimented his driver on a successful performance on the race track thus far this season who is currently sitting tenth in the Sprint Cup points standings. 

Clint Bowyer talked about how substantial funding is needed in order to have success on the track.  "I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season and having 5-hour on our car is very important towards that." He feels that this sponsor is complimentary to him and that has been allowing for a great partnership between them.

Scott Henderson, President of 5-hour ENERGY, said "I can't believe how well everything has gone thus far." He stated that there are three areas looked at when deciding on sponsorship value which are television (e.g. ratings), retail activation (e.g. promotions) and hospitality (e.g. interactions with the public). Due to the these factors being a success, it has allowed 5-hour ENERGY to extend their sponsorship to a full-time status.
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