Sunday, April 22, 2012

Skirts & Scuffs Fan Spotlight from Kansas Speedway: Nan Dahmer

Nah Dahmer, Credit: Unique Hiram for Skirts and Scuffs
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to one of our many fan spotlight segments ... this weekend from Kansas Speedway, I would like to introduce you to Nan Dahmer.

Nan hails from Pleasant Hill, MO and became a NASCAR fan in 2001. (The same year that we lost one of the sport's biggest stars, Dale Earnhardt Sr.)

Twitter Handle: nascar_nan

Favorite Driver(s): Kyle Busch and Jamie McMurray

What Nan loves most about of Skirts & Scuffs? The friendliest of the people "especially Summer Dreyer and Unique Hiram." She also loves the reporting that is done by all of the ladies on the site.

I would like to thank Nan for allowing Skirts & Scuffs to showcase her for our first installment of the Fan Spotlight. She is an awesome woman and a true NASCAR fan as well as a great supporter of our site.