5 Questions before the Aaron's 499

Last week Lisa Janine Cloud gave you five great questions before Richmond, this week I bring you five questions before NASCAR racing at one of the wildest tracks on the circuit, Talladega Superspeedway! All sorts of events happen at this track (not just on the track, I hear the infield is just as exciting) and one never knows what is around the bend when it comes to racing at 'Dega! Let’s see what questions I have brewing in my head…

Will there be another Hendrick win this spring like last year with Jimmie Johnson?

When Jimmie Johnson won at Talladega last year it showed just how much team work comes into play in plate racing as Dale Earnhardt Jr. pushed teammate Johnson to victory lane, edging out fellow teammates Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin.

With that in mind, Rick Hendrick is still waiting for win No. 200. Could Hendrick finally get that win here? Will Jimmie Johnson, if the roles are reversed, push Dale Earnhardt Jr. to the win?

With so few cautions this year, will Talladega break that trend and have tons of cautions?

Given that Talladega is a restrictor plate race and in addition, some say it's haunted, how can you not expect cautions to happen there?

Lately it seems to me drivers aren’t racing as hard and fewer cautions have been happening, so will that mean a nice, quiet, easy Talladega race? Or will the Big One strike when we least expect it as is the normal pattern?

With a new team will Clint Bowyer have the same success he’s had the past few years?

When it comes to Talladega, Clint Bowyer always seems to be a player at the end of the race.With a new team, Michael Waltrip Racing, will Bowyer have the same outcome? Lately he hasn’t had the best of luck, but Talladega just may be the key to turning that around.

Will Chevy win again at Talladega or will a surprise manufacture pull an upset?

It’s no secret that when it comes to restrictor plate races, Chevys are king with 38 wins. But with their breakout season thus far, could the Ford Racing camp pull an upset win? Another possibility to watch for is the Toyotas, who have back-to-back wins with the Joe Gibbs teammates of Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch. They may be unstoppable with momentum on their side.

Will we see pack or tandem racing at Talladega?

Can we base anything off what we saw at Daytona, where there was a combination of pack and tandem racing? One thing’s for sure, pack racing seemed to be the way to go at Daytona, but will it be the same at Talladega? Will there be a big pack or will we see the drivers dancing with their prom dates? One can never know when it comes to Talladega!

Well those are my five questions as we head into this weekend's Aaron's 499. What are your questions before Talladega?
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