NASCAR In Heels: Travel Tips

In about one week I will be making the trip from way up north here in Canada, all the way down to Charlotte, North Carolina. I am already very excited for the trip, and trying to decide what to pack, so I thought I would put together a little “travel-guide” for the girly-girl traveling to the racetrack.

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This will be the first time I am flying to a race, which will be a refreshing break from the long road trips, but this makes packing a bit trickier. I am notorious for over packing, and when I’m road tripping I can load up the vehicle with as many bags as possible. However, this time around, I’m limited to my two suitcases.

What I would suggest to anyone is to pack many options. For example, I will be attending an afternoon race and a night race; I am hoping for warm, beautiful weather, but you never know. I will probably be packing about six pairs of shoes. That may sound like a lot to many people, but it really isn’t! I will bring a pair of boots, flats, heels, a couple pairs of sandals, and sneakers. Yes, I do own, and wear sneakers. They are not at the top of my list by any means, but if my feet get sore they definitely do the trick.

That’s about as far as I’m going to go into the topic of clothing. If you want a few more fashion tips for the track check out this article from a few months back.

A few more things I would suggest bringing can be kept in your purse so they are handy for you all weekend. I briefly highlighted this a few months ago, but I’m going to go into a bit more detail here.

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Chapstick with SPF: I have made the mistake of not wearing it on a hot day at the track, and it took my poor lips months to recover from the sunburn they got. There are plenty of different brands that make colored and yummy tasting chapstick with SPF nowadays, so you have lots of options.

Lip-Gloss: You can put it over your chapstick. There are also some lip-glosses that contain SPF so those would be great as well. I love the look of lip-gloss, but if it’s a windy day I would suggest skipping the gloss. You wouldn’t want to have hair stuck to your lips all day, and deal with greasy hair covered in lip-gloss!

Sunglasses: Hopefully it will be hot and sunny, so you need to protect your eyes. It will save you a lot of squinting. But remember...white sunglasses are not allowed!

Camera: This is a necessity! If you are going to be on pit road or in the garages you will have so many amazing photo-ops. Lots of fun will be had, and you will want to remember those moments.

Deodorant: If you’re going to spend the day at the track and it’s hot outside, this may be a good thing to keep on hand. Just go to Wal-Mart and get a little travel size one for your purse.

Sunscreen: I am a strong believer in using sunscreen. It is so harmful for your skin to bake all day in the sun. I personally like the spray on sunscreens that you don’t even have to rub in. They are quick, and easy to apply and reapply during the day. My favorite brand is Australian Gold; it smells amazing and protects you at the same time.

Well there you go; just a little something short and sweet, but packed with info if you ask me. I have quite a hectic week ahead of me, but I know it will fly by, and I will be on my way to Charlotte in no time! Are any of you out there heading to Charlotte for the weekend of the Coca-Cola 600? Maybe we will cross paths sometime, and if we do stop and say hello!

Holly Strain is bringing her spin on the NASCAR world to Skirts and Scuffs, as she says, it is The Great American Sport through the eyes of a single girl. Holly is a Canadian born writer currently studying Publicity and Public Relations through the University of Toronto. Feel free to contact Holly onTwitter and via e-mail at
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