Why I Love NASCAR: Pocono Raceway Part II by Chief 187™

The NASCAR Sprint Cup action returns to Pennsylvania at Pocono Raceway this weekend. I had the great pleasure not only to write about the track earlier this season but attend the facility again since then. Now I am packing my bags and sharpening my proverbial pencil to take in the sights, sounds, and action as I am attending Pocono with a media pass courtesy of Michele Rahal and my team at MotorsportsUnplugged.com for the very first time in my career. Although I won't be doing live coverage for Skirts and Scuffs I will be gathering information to use for future articles at this site.

Just a scant few weeks ago I had the opportunity to return to Pocono Raceway with the Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA) where my husband is an active member. He, in fact, was the chair of the event held at the track. With only twenty-five entrants for the post-Independence Day weekend our club had the run of the facility and were treated as VIPs.

While there our club met and worked closely with Cars on Course, a professional group of flaggers hired to be the corner workers for the weekend. Our contact, Pat Leone, further demonstrated how Pocono offers top-notch services and experiences. He and his staff were the ultimate professionals on the track and great people off as well.

The repave at Pocono Raceway was exquisite. The NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers had already broken in the track the month before, but it was still quite new and far better than the previous years our club had raced there.

On the eve of the Pennsylvania 400 I am filled with awe, excitement, a tinge of trepidation, and a great deal of wonder of what watching a race from the media center will be like. How do I get around the garage and pit areas gleaning information without getting in the way? And mostly, how do I capture every sight and sound to relay to my readership?

What is so amazingly special and unique about Pocono Raceway is the family-fun atmosphere that exists. NASCAR tracks all have something to offer their patrons but Pocono seems to go above and beyond at all points to foster the feeling of safety and comfort while providing stellar entertainment for the fans.

In addition to traversing the site with my media pass, venturing from location to location to immerse myself in the NASCAR culture that springs up for the weekend, I am camping for the very first time.

Camping is yet another experience I have yet to have but one that I will cross off my list. I was told that to fully take in Pocono camping was a must. So, I have the few amenities I cannot live without – a friend said to leave the curling iron at home but I’m finding that so terribly difficult – and will try my hand at this for the sake of NASCAR and the full Pocono experience.

To round out my experiences at Pocono Raceway in this new position, I’m anxiously and nervously trying to attend a Tweet Up. It is my great pleasure to meet the readers and listeners who peruse my work, listen intently, and tweet me. Let me know, are you willing to extend a hand at a meet and greet?! I sure hope so! Please reach out to me and give me a new topic to write for this column – Why I Love NASCAR: The Tweet Up by Chief 187™.

Clearly I effervesce a lot about Pocono, but as I’ve stated before, it is my home track and a place I’ve been to a lot in my lifetime. Attending Pocono for the Pennsylvania 400 as a member of the media and surrounding myself with incredible people from all over in every capacity is yet another bunch of reasons why I love NASCAR.

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