FanVision is perfect companion for at-track reporters

This past weekend at Pocono Raceway I was given the ultimate race companion to cater to my every whim. With just the click of a button my sidekick told me everything I needed to know without ever having to leave my seat – let’s just call it a reporter’s dream. As a member of the media, a typical race weekend includes constantly being on the go, but with the FanVision controller I was able to stay on top of all of the action and latest news.

The newest FanVision controller provides users with an improved experience over the old FanView device with the addition of high-definition video, more video channels, a new, fan-friendly interface and improved statistics – all which can be viewed from a larger screen.

With everything that goes on during a race weekend it can be hard to keep track of what is happening when and where, but the FanVision controller allowed me to see a schedule of the entire weekend including practice and qualifying times for all of the series, the start time of each race, and more. It even has a map of the track so that I could easily find my way around, especially when in a hurry. The controller also provides useful information such as the length of the race, number of laps, and even the banking of the track.

During the actual race it is my job to know what driver is where, what the lap times look like, number of cautions and the list goes on. Sometimes it’s not easy to be aware of every aspect of the race, but the FanVision definitely makes dealing with all of the stats a whole lot easier.

Not only does the controller provide all of the essentials like live broadcast feeds, on-board cameras, official timing, data, and stats, but it also gives users a unique behind-the-scenes experience. The FanVision has a digital audio scanner so that I could listen-in on each driver’s scanner channel and get the latest updates from out on the track and inside the garage.

When it came time to recap the race the FanVision gave me all of the info I needed. Users can easily look up most laps led, top speed, best time, lead changes, number of cautions and cars on the lead lap. The device also allows you to compare drivers’ race stats and see the biggest mover and top performers of the day. Keeping in mind the bigger picture, the FanVision shows the championship standings from a minute-by-minute perspective so that fans can see whether their favorite driver is still in the points lead at any given time during the race.

In addition to keeping me on top of everything race-related, the FanVision also provided me with up-to-date news on the violent storm that hit Pocono Raceway on Sunday. Throughout the day I was able to view the forecast as well as easily access Twitter feeds with news about the storm and when and if the race would be postponed.

The FanVision controller not only improves the fan experience, but also provides us reporters with the ultimate at-track companion so that we can more easily cover the important stories from the track and give all the fans at home an inside look at the race weekend.
FanVision is perfect companion for at-track reporters FanVision is perfect companion for at-track reporters Reviewed by Unknown on Thursday, August 09, 2012 Rating: 5