NASCAR in Heels: Race Day Accessories

Designer Tracy Zych signing start/finish line
I have something new, fashionable, and super-cute for all you race day fashionistas. Recently a line of handbags has been brought to my attention and I am loving them!

“Zych is a designer handbag brand that caters to the auto racing industry. The designer, Tracy Zych, has been designing handbags for many years, with celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Selena Gomez, Hayden Panettiere, and Halle Berry all sporting her styles. The most popular being the “Edie” bag. Zych says, “it has the most history and customers love it.”

“I am extremely passionate about designing handbags but after designing 3-4 collections a year for the fashion industry I hit a wall with my inspiration. In 2010 I pulled out of my New York and Los Angeles showroom and took a hiatus from the fashion industry.” It was this that break that sparked her interest in racing and inspired this new line.

“I ended up going to some NASCAR and IndyCar races and absolutely fell in love. I initially designed the racing inspired bags for myself to carry, but after seeing how passionate and dedicated the race fans are, I was inspired to reinvent my brand and cater to the world of auto racing. I wanted to create chic racing inspired styles that women race fans can carry on race day or out on the town” said the designer.

The Zych Racing Collection is home to six different bags, ranging from clutches, to shoulder bags, to the popular “Edie” bag. They are made with signature grain leather, and are hand crafted as each order is placed. The checkered pattern you see on each bag is hand printed onto leather. Zych explains, “while others are focused on mass producing, I am passionate about designing handbags with exceptional quality that you will cherish carrying season after season to cheer on your favorite race car driver to victory lane.

The Giuliana Clutch
Wouldn’t that be nice ladies? Having a bag that lasts you multiple seasons. That is just one of the many benefits! Although they come at a steeper price point, they will last. Unlike something you may pay $30 or $40 for, but it is ready for the garbage after about 3 months.

Of course I have taken a good look at all of the bags, and I couldn’t just pick one favorite. I have 3!

The Brittany Cross-Body Bag
The Giuliana Clutch would be perfect for a night out, as well as a nice day at the track. I like how nice and compact it is, and the signature black and white will go with so much.

The Brittany Cross-Body Bag would be great as it leaves you “hands-free.” This is my favorite style to carry.

The popular Edie Bag
Lastly…I understand what the hype is about with the Edie Bag! That is the perfect, versatile bag for any occasion, easy to carry at the track, perfect to carry on a day-to-day basis, and even nice for a night out. It is big enough to hold everything you need, but it’s not like carrying a suitcase around.

I encourage you all to check out the site and see what you think! There is even a section dedicated to race day fashion. Here there are lots of different styles of outfits, all accessorized with Zych handbags of course!

Holly Strain is bringing her spin on the NASCAR world to Skirts and Scuffs, as she says, it is The Great American Sport through the eyes of a single girl. Holly is a Canadian born writer currently studying Publicity and Public Relations through the University of Toronto. Feel free to contact Holly onTwitter and via e-mail at
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