Saturday, September 29, 2012

Skirts & Scuffs Fan Spotlight from Dover International Speedway: Tammy Powell-Thomas

Tammy Powell-Thomas
Photo Credit: Beth Bence Reinke   

I caught up with Skirts and Scuffs reader Tammy Powell-Thomas at "The Monster Mile" today. Tammy is a fairly new race fan. As a resident of Dover, DE she used to dislike NASCAR because it was such a hassle driving anywhere on race weekends. In fact, she and her family would leave town and take a trip to Atlantic City. However, in 2009 she changed in her mind.

“I was watching TV one day and I saw Jimmie Johnson in a race and he intrigued me. I’ve been a diehard fan since.” Her friends thought she was just jumping on the Johnson bandwagon because he had so many wins, but that wasn’t the case. “I had no clue he had won that many championships,” Tammy said. “Jimmie is so likeable and down to earth. I follow him on Twitter and he's funny!"

What do you like best about coming to a race? I like the excitement, the fans and the atmosphere. NASCAR fans all seem to be like a big family.

What’s your favorite NASCAR memory? When Jimmie won the 2010 championship. I was in my office at home and it was down to the wire at Homestead. I just screamed, I had chills and was in tears when he won.

What do you like best about Skirts and Scuffs? I like the articles because they're very interesting. I see people tweeting the articles but didn’t realize you had archives. I went back and checked out the archived information.

Favorite driver: Jimmie Johnson, since 2009

Twitter handle: @tpt0413

Many thanks to Tammy for allowing us to showcase her in this installment of our fan spotlight.

Beth Bence Reinke is a columnist, support editor & media rep for Skirts and Scuffs. She writes "Gibbs Garage," Joe Gibbs Racing Sprint Cup team recaps, for the 2012 season. Her column, “Faith on the Frontstretch,” explores the role of faith in motorsports. Beth is also the author of Race Fans’ Devotions to Go, a devotional book geared toward female NASCAR fans. Follow her on Twitter at @bbreinke or reach her at