MWR Weekly Wrap-Up: Clint Bowyer's Chase hopes end with blatant retaliation

Both Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer brought out the big guns at the "duel in the desert"
Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images for NASCAR
Clint Bowyer came into Phoenix third in the standings with a slim shot at the points leaders. Leaving Phoenix, the only words left on most fans minds to describe the race was “OH MY GOD!

After an early bump in the AdvoCare 500, Clint Bowyer was admittedly dumped by four-time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon. That alone was shocking enough! What occurred next, that was just a mix of shocking and disheartening. If you missed it, here is the video.

Yes, you see that right, that is an all-out fight that reminded me of old-time NASCAR for the good and bad of it. I say bad because I have a friend who watched with her children and had to explain why actions like that are so wrong. I know we as fans may like to see that but in  the end, violence is never the answer.  

As a result of the incident, both Gordon, Bowyer and their respective crew chiefs were summoned to the NASCAR hauler to meet with race officials 

After meeting with NASCAR, Bowyer took a few moments to speak to the waiting media. "It's pretty embarrassing for a four-time champion and what I consider one of the best the sport's ever seen to act like that," Bowyer said. "It's completely ridiculous."

"That was my opportunity to get myself back into the championship hunt," Bowyer continued. "When you disrupt a championship hunt like that, it's too bad. They ask us not to do that at the drivers meeting and there's usually a lot of respect there. It's crazy. I didn't even need to pass him."

Team owner Michael Waltrip, who had to physically restrain Clint Bowyer in the midst of the melee, also composed himself from the heat of the moment and spoke with reporters. Waltrip was quoted as saying, ''It's just ridiculous that a champion would behave like that. He waits around and totals our car and hopes for a championship. Cowardly. Chicken and sad that someone who has won championships before and knows the importance of racing for one. What a sad act that was by Jeff Gordon."

Social media bubbled over with opinion on what will happen when NASCAR convenes on Monday or Tuesday. Penalty or not, this was a fight that echoed back to the 1979 Daytona 500. Some of those who expressed themselves were fellow drivers. Denny Hamlin weighed in, "The 24 should be parked! He took out 5 cars in that BS!" Hamlin's teammate Joey Logano, an innocent bystander in the wreck, tweeted "When I was young I thought@JeffGordonWeb was the best driver. Now I've lost a lot of respect for him. #verydumb"

''They've got to do what they've got to do and I've got to do what I've got to do," Gordon stated when asked about possible penalties for his actions.

It appears that not only will Homestead-Miami Championship week have the stories to watch regarding who wins the title, but also what happens following up with Phoenix's duel in the desert.
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