From the Editor's Desk: Thank you!

When I first became a writer for Skirts and Scuffs I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I was just some female NASCAR fan who saw Katy’s tweet thinking, “Yeah, I can write. I always got A’s on all my papers in school!” Little did I know that would not be enough to make me a writer. 

It took me a while to find my voice and my niche into the hectic pace of NASCAR journalism. There is no shortage of writers in NASCAR, but do you want to write the same thing that five others just did? No! My interest was in the personal stories and with the underdogs on the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. I proudly carry the nickname from Unique Hiram of our resident “Truckie” because of my passion for the NCWTS. Getting to tell the unknown stories is what writing is all about, and I certainly hope that I achieved that with everything from the Love Stories to Talkin' Trucks and everything in between.

Katy and Rebecca have brought me on a wild journey from a meek and timid woman who didn't know her place to now a three-season veteran. (Gosh, that makes me sound and feel old) Writing taught me a passion that I never knew existed; I was a fan but became a fanatic. My weekends consisted of NASCAR 24/7 and if it was an off weekend, something was missing. More important than the writing has been the sisterhood I have developed within the Skirts and Scuffs family. I have always prided myself in being the go-to person whether it is a writing issue or personal; I wanted to be there for our girls.

Rebecca, Unique, Katy and me outside of the NASCAR
Hall of Fame. 
My first-ever NASCAR race was as a member of the media, heading to Charlotte for the 2012 All-Star race and Skirts and Scuffs editors meet up. It was an exhausting week, I ran them ragged because it was my first time heading to the shops, etc. but I am so thankful those memories were made with “my girls!” Sitting in the media center all weekend, I just soaked it in - part from exhaustion and sickness (darn germs!) and part from amazement that I was actually there. I felt like a fish out of water, not knowing the daily grind next to veterans like Marty Smith and Jeff Gluck. It was okay though, Katy was just feet away from me and we got the job done.

Whether it was the actual trip of being in Charlotte at a race, to singing Vanilla Ice with Brianne after the Pit Crew Challenge, my personal motto was "I came, I saw, I conquered!" (I think the conquered part was  more conquering my fears and nerves more than anything.)

Fast forwarding a few weeks after Charlotte, I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Working alongside of Mike Calinoff to build his PR/Social Media Company 140 BUZZ, my passion is once again piqued as I honestly can say I learn something new every day.

After a lot of soul-searching, I have decided to leave the Skirts and Scuffs team to focus on my other endeavors. It is not goodbye, I am still the biggest fan of the website but it is time for another chapter in my book called life and I am leaving on great terms with the entire team.

To all our readers: Thank you for your never ending support, encouragement and friendship. See ya on Twitter and Facebook as always!

I would like to conclude with just a personal note to the Skirts and Scuffs team:

The past three seasons has been the ride of a lifetime. I feel so blessed to have been given the chance to work with each and every one of you but more importantly I am proud to call you my friends. Nothing changes besides the fact that my name is not on a byline on a weekly basis, my door is always open to you the same as before. 

Thank you is just a word that seems so shallow at times like this but thank you for your hard work, dedication and most of all, your friendship.

With Love –
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