Race Fan’s Book Shelf: Go "Inside Herman’s World" with Kenny Wallace

“I could care less about his track record, myself. What he gave to this sport isn’t measureable with statistics and trophies. This sport can be shallow; it can be deceitful.

Kenny is a silver coin in a pile of coal, with a face full of expressions as easily read as the morning paper. Most notable is his distinct laughter. If Kenny is in the building, you know it.

He has been a great father and husband to his wonderful family. He’s a man with his priorities in order. This book is a great account of the person Kenny is, and I’m very proud to be a part of it.”

~ Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the foreword to "Inside Herman’s World "
credit: Paula Thompson/Skirts & Scuffs
Kenny Wallace is a veteran NASCAR driver, a popular television personality and an all-around fun guy – now fans can get a look at what goes on “Inside Herman’s World” in a book written by Wallace with Joyce Standridge (2007).

Wallace lived in the shadow of his popular racer father, Russ, on the local circuits, then in the shadow of his oldest brother, 2013 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee Rusty. When middle brother Mike found success in racing, it seemed like destiny would put the youngest Wallace brother behind the wheel as well. As you’ll find out in this book, it wasn’t that easy.

Want to know how Wallace became “Herman?” It’s in here. How about the influence Kenny Schrader has had on his life and career? That’s in here too. Knowing how Wallace is on television, I expected this to be an open book about his life – I wasn’t disappointed. From Wallace in school (or when he was supposed to be there) to meeting his wife Kim, to his racing career as a crew member and as a driver – it’s all here. Especially poignant and sometimes amusing are the “Herman’s Take On…” side stories, things he learned about life, racing, fellow drivers and the business side of racing.

If you’re a racing fan who likes to know the rest of the story, the story behind the career, then “Inside Herman’s World” should be on your book shelf.

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Race Fan’s Book Shelf: Go "Inside Herman’s World" with Kenny Wallace Race Fan’s Book Shelf: Go "Inside Herman’s World" with Kenny Wallace Reviewed by Paula on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 Rating: 5