Ignites At Gas City, Montpelier and Monroe

Midwest and Washington USAC Ignite racing unfolds this weekend as the 2013 calendar swings into full song.

The Midwest calendar opens with Indiana events Friday night at Gas City I-69 Speedway and Saturday night at Montpelier Motor Speedway. Saturday’s Washington pavement opener is slated at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Wash.

Cory Elliott, Parker Colston, Chase Goetz and Chris Lamb earned USAC Ignite victories in last week’s racing.

USAC California North Ignite Midget Champion Elliott, of Bakersfield, Calif., won Friday night’s victory in the series opener at Plaza Park Raceway in Visalia, Calif. Elliott led the last 27 laps of the 30-lapper after passing Parker Colston on lap four. Fast qualifier Wally Pankratz finished second ahead of Colston, Clayton Ruston and Jarid Blondel.

Colston, of Lake Elsinore, Calif., won Saturday night’s 20-lap Western race at Bakersfield (Calif.) Speedway, leading the final 12 laps after an early-race battle between drivers Jarid Blondel and Ariel Biggs. Wally Pankratz took second ahead of Biggs, Elliott and Blondel.

Goetz. of Snohomish, Wash., won Saturday night’s 25-lap USAC Washington Ignite Midget opener at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma, Wash., leading the final nine laps after passing early leader Jeremy Miller. Miller took second ahead of Dougie James, Chance Crum and Elma Auto Racing Hall of Fame fast qualifier Robby Vaughn. Goetz earned the SpeedMart Hard Charger and James was the NW Sprint Car History.com rookie of the race

Chris Lamb of Colfax, N.C. extended his USAC Eastern Ignite Midget point lead Saturday night, winning the 35-lap feature at Shenandoah (Va.) Speedway. Lamb passed Nic Davidson on lap seven and led the rest of the way to beat fast qualifier Ryan Krachun, Tyler Corriher, Davidson and Wil Raber

2013 EASTERN IGNITE MIDGET POINTS: 1-Chris Lamb-310, 2-Tyler Corriher-265, 3-Nic Davidson-251, 4-Ryan Krachun-249, 5-Wil Raber-229, 6-Matt Lundstrom-211, 7-Calvin Carroll-211, 8-Billy Gaule-200, 9-Nikki Carroll-181, 10-Jessica Bean-118.

2013 WESTERN IGNITE MIDGET POINTS: 1-Jarid Blondel-243, 2-Christine Breckenridge-191, 3-Ariel Biggs-159, 4-Bryant Dawson-147, 5-Wally Pankratz-133, 6-Michael Fanelli-131, 7-Cory Elliott-130, 8-Parker Colston-129, 9-Shawn Buckley-117, 10-Clayton Ruston-104.

2013 WESTERN IGNITE DIRT MIDGET POINTS: 1-Wally Pankratz-133, 2-Cory Elliott-130, 3-Parker Colston-129, 4-Jarid Blondel-113, 5-Ariel Biggs-112; 6-Clayton Ruston-104, 7-Michael Steele-100, 8-Ashley Hazelton-95, 9-Christine Breckenridge-78, 10-Alexander Bissett-40.

2013 WASHINGTON IGNITE MIDGET POINTS: 1-Chase Goetz-65, 2-Jeremy Miller-61, 3-Dougie James-55, 4-Robby Vaughn-54, 5-Chance Crum-53, 6-Renee Angel-45, 7-Garrett Thomas-45, 8-Hannah Lindquist-1.
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