Saturday, April 13, 2013

Twitter characters team up for #TheSideshow at Texas Motor Speedway

In no particular order: The Orange Cone, Nascarcasm, TheMiniChad and NASCAR Wonka
Credit: Debbie Ross/Skirts and Scuffs
What's a circus without a sideshow? 

Texas Motor Speedway bills the experience at the Great American Speedway as "The Wild Asphalt Circus" and track president Eddie Gossage does his best to provide attractions. 

But tonight there's a different sideshow in town. 

If you're a NASCAR fan with a Twitter account, then you're probably familiar with the comedic stylings of @nascarasm and @TheOrangeCone. You may have even tweeted with @TheMiniChad or @\NASCAR_Wonka. But this weekend the four "inanimates"  have joined forces and are tweeting live from the track using the hashtag #TheSideshow.

They value their anonymity but have made various appearances around the track, including the media center and the tweetup. 

In fact, this just in: 
It’s gonna be a wild 1 w/ @nascarcasm @theorangecone @theminichad & @nascar_wonka so tune in to #TheSideshow on scanner frequency 454.500

@TheMiniChad 60 minutes until #TheSideShow @TXMotorSpeedway - if you're here listen on your scanner 454.500 - if you have ?'s tag them with #AskGabe

So there you have it. Follow hashtag #TheSideshow during the race for a different perspective on the NRA 500. 


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