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Watching short-track racing from Martinsville Speedway was certainly the right tonic for what ailed me - which was missing racing during the off weekend, the first of the season.

But I was fortunate to find a way to muddle through the off-weekend a lot better this year than in the past because of Facebook. Previously I’d written about Twitter in this column and still feel as strongly about the immediacy and vast connections one can make on that form of social media. Facebook offers something different and promotes a deeper, richer experience if you seek it out.

Sometime in the last year I started to research on Facebook different “Groups” that target specific fans. At first I relegated my search to “NASCAR” and “Racing” and found some amazing places to interact with other NASCAR fans.

Some of those groups include NASCAR Hearts, NASCAR Friends, View Atop the Spotters Stand, Dirt Track and NASCAR Racing, and NoBarNASCAR Motorsports & More. I've made some genuine and wonderful friendships in addition to finding places to have awesome discussions about our shared passion.

Looking to celebrate women and hang out with them? Try NASCAR Girls and Women Who Are Crazy For NASCAR.

As a writer, my goal is to have as many eyes reach my articles as possible. When I have written about a specific driver, active or not, I seek out a Facebook page about that person. More often than not I am rewarded with one if not many pages for said driver.

These pages include - but are not limited to - the following:

David Pearson Fans, Curtis Turner…NASCAR Legend, “Fireball” Roberts Official Fan Page on Facebook, NASCAR Legend Wendell Scott, Davey Allison Fan Club, Alan Kulwicki, Darrell Waltrip to Darrell Wallace Jr.

Every current active driver in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series as well as the Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series has a Facebook page of some sort.

And then there are arguably the most popular driver pages on Facebook. The places where diehard fans congregate to upload photos, reminisce about past races of glory, and keep their late driver in every part of their day. These pages have the following names:

Dale Earnhardt: Forever The Man, Forever A Fan, Dale Earnhardt, and Dale Earnhardt Sr. “The Real King” R.I.P.

Dale Earnhardt fans are loyal, fierce, and simply magnificent in their love for their driver.

NASCAR Heroes Gone But Not Forgotten and Auto Racing Legends are fantastic sites for discussing your favorite drivers who have passed or are truly legends in the sport.

If you really want to know where the most active, vivacious, and most ardent NASCAR fans who love their driver hang out on Facebook, look no further than any Dale Earnhardt Jr. page. I know of several – Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Dale Earnhardt Jr. Fans, THE BEST JRNATION FANS IN NASCAR, and the most populated one I know of, Fans of Dale Earnhardt Jr. page which is currently 571,000 members strong!

You’ll find me hanging around in any and all of these sites throughout the week.

Of course, I’m partial to Skirts and Scuffs to keep me informed with up-to-the- minute NASCAR news and profiles.

And then there is Drafting the Circuits, a true personal favorite for all of your NASCAR and racing needs.

Facebook NASCAR fan pages offer the fan a well-rounded, positive place to learn news, discuss topics, read current articles, enjoy pictures, and find a community (or several) of their own.

The off weekend could have been brutal, but having a plethora of Facebook NASCAR pages to frequent was yet another reason why I love NASCAR.

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