Darrell Wallace Jr. becomes youngest pole sitter in NCWTS

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After winning the pole at Dover today, Darrell Wallace Jr. compared "The Monster Mile" to a girlfriend.

“There’s something about this track – me and this track get along great. In qualifying, I don’t know, it’s like we’re in a relationship or something because we get along great. Four poles in a row, so you’ll hear me say that a lot. I love coming here – I wish we came here twice.”

Wallace secured the pole with a speed of 156.617 miles per hour. He will turn 20 on his next birthday on October 8th, setting a record as the youngest polesitter. He described a nervous moment when Chase Elliott ran a really fast lap and earned the outside pole.

“Chase had me scared there for a second,” said Wallace. “His second lap was pretty quick, but ours was a little better. That kept us on top and that lap means a lot.”

After starting on the pole in last year’s Nationwide race at Dover, Wallace fought a loose racecar and ended up finishing 12th. He said he learned his lesson about track position last year.

“Track position is key everywhere, pretty much, so if we can get up front and kind of settle in and just run a smooth race, we’ll be alright for the rest of the race. I’m excited, good weekend so far. This is how we need to turn around our season now.”

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