Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Caption this: Austin Dillon and Richard Childress

Austin Dillon drove the No. 14 car for Tony Stewart on Sunday.

Leave your caption in the comment section below. One entry per person and please leave your name or twitter handle. Anonymous posts will not be eligible to win.

We'll take captions until Thursday evening, then the Skirts and Scuffs staff will vote to choose a winner. Check back this Saturday to read the winning caption.

And yes, there is a PRIZE! The "Caption this" winner will receive a copy of the book, Race Fans' Devotions to Go. The winner must follow instructions for sending us his or her contact info, as specified in the winning caption post.

Bring on your funnies. We look forward to reading them! :o)


  1. "Yippee ki ....???? What's the ending of that, PopPop?"

  2. "Yippee ki ....???? What's the ending of that, PopPop?"

  3. "What? I look like a douche and a tool in this ridiculous hat? Do I always breathe with my mouth open when I wear it, too?"

  4. @SoCalRaceGirl14 What no more Soda Cookies? Common' Grandpa you would love them!

  5. "Pop-pop, JJ Yeley wrecked me!" -Austin
    "Hold my watch and my sunglasses, it's headlock time!" -RC

  6. "All due respect, sir... ma big hat is NOT compensation for ma 'lil teeny gun'."

  7. This contest is now closed. Check back on Saturday to see the winning caption.