Caption this: Matt Kenseth and Jason Ratcliff

Here is your points leader sharing a smile with his crew chief.

Leave your caption in the comment section below. One entry per person and please leave your name or twitter handle. Anonymous posts and those with crass or vulgar content will not be eligible to win. Remember, this is all in good fun, so show us your creative, witty side.

We'll take captions until Thursday evening, then the Skirts and Scuffs staff will vote to choose a winner. Check back this Saturday to read the winning caption.

And yes, there is a PRIZE! The "Caption this" winner will receive a copy of the book, Race Fans' Devotions to Go. The winner must follow instructions for sending us his or her contact info, as specified in the winning caption post.

Bring on your funnies. We look forward to reading them! :o)
Caption this: Matt Kenseth and Jason Ratcliff Caption this: Matt Kenseth and Jason Ratcliff Reviewed by Beth Reinke on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. Just received my $5 off coupon from Dollar General! Let's go shopping after the race, Matt.

  2. From @DaytonaDon1 via twitter:

    Matt, I hear Jack misses you and Robbie wants to be your crew chief again, tehehe

  3. From @JessIsSassy52 via twitter:

    "Man, Kasey really got those girls riled up after that wreck!"

  4. This contest is now closed. Check back on Saturday to see the winning caption.

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