Mr. Six-Pack

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The 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series was one for the history books. In an eventful season one event still lingers: watching Jimmie Johnson become a six-time Sprint Cup Champion. Now, instead of Ol' Five-Time, he’s Mr. Six-Pack.

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When it comes to Johnson’s success, everyone seems divided. Sometimes I can’t understand why. When I look at Johnson and his whole 48 crew, when I look at his crew chief Chad Knaus, I see fire. I see passion. I see all the elements that make him a winner and a champion. I see a driver and a crew chief who won’t back down, who defeated the odds by winning five Sprint Cup championships in a row.

I see a crew chief who sometimes crosses the line. I see a crew chief who takes just as much pressure as his driver. I believe the chemistry between Knaus and Johnson is the reason they are so good. They trust each other, and at the end of the day, trust is what matters between driver and crew chief.

But there’s more to Johnson than just being a driver. I think the one element I like most about him is his love for his family - “his girls” - as he calls them. Seeing his daughter Evie and wife Chani in Victory Lane is always fun, especially watching the curiosity of a little girl wondering why all these people are cheering for daddy - it’s such a cute sight. He has a new addition to his family, daughter Lydia. I’m sure before we know it we'll be seeing her curiosity like her big sister's.

Johnson is one in a million. His success and talent are beyond words. He does things with that car that I don’t think we’ll see in a long time - maybe never. He’s truly a great champion, one I’m proud to call Six-Pack.

I’m eager to see what 2014 brings. Johnson looks to be king of the Cup but I am curious to see if the driver who finished second in 2013 will be able to dethrone him.
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