Faith in the Fast Lane: Book Review

"Whether it was running from the law or running for the thrill of it, the moonshiners were just doing what they'd always done — surviving. One prominent aspect of that culture was particularly ironic in nature. The people from the early twentieth-century South tended to have an unwavering commitment to religion… The revenuers likewise were guided by biblical principles that included an uncanny sense of compassion toward the very people they were chasing down on a daily basis." (Faith in the Fast Lane, pgs. 4,7)

Out of the business of running illegal alcohol during the 1930s and 1940s grew the immensely popular sport enjoyed by millions of fans from Daytona to Sonoma and many other little towns across the country. So was the birth of NASCAR ... and its connection to Christianity.

In his newest book, Faith in the Fast Lane (Judson Press, 2014), Chad Bonham takes readers on an incredibly insightful journey from yesterday's backwoods of North Carolina to the speedways of today, where NASCAR remains the only national professional sports organization that begins its competition day with prayer.

Long-time as well as new fans to the sport will enjoy Bonham's glimpse into how NASCAR has been associated with religion since its earliest days. Weaving the stories of those who were candid about their faith as well as those who didn't share much about their walks with God, Bonham deftly moves from NASCAR's beginnings to its association with higher-profile organizations such as Raceway Ministries and Motor Racing Outreach.

From Herschel McGriff, the first driver to kneel by his race car to pray before a race, to outspoken Christian drivers such as Trevor Bayne and Michael McDowell, readers will learn about the deep commitments many drivers have had to Christ and their desire to share God's Word with their fellow competitors.

Reading the stories of Stevie Waltrip, Joe Gibbs and Max Helton will help many fans appreciate the likes of Darrell Waltrip, Dale Earnhardt Sr. and even Kyle Busch in a new light.

Including interviews with Justin Allgaier, Ned Jarrett, Bobby Labonte, Andy Petree, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Bobby Allison, Matt Kenseth and others, Bonham offers a message of hope, peace and love, which will "fuel your enthusiasm for the sport and your faith."
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