Eyes in the Sky: Meet Spotter TJ Majors

TJ Majors, right, has been spotting for Dale Earnhardt Jr. since 2007.
When a driver wins, much of the focus goes to the crew chief. However, there’s one person who seems to get bypassed: the spotter.

The spotter holds a vital role on the race team, directing the driver, allowing him to pass and always ensuring him that he’s “clear.”

This column will profile this week’s winning spotter: TJ Majors, spotter for the No. 88 Sprint Cup team.

Majors has been the eyes for Dale Earnhardt Jr. since 2007. Anyone who listens to the two on the team radio can hear their chemistry. When Majors and Earnhardt Jr. work together, the trust they have in each other is clear.       

According to Bleacher Report, Majors wasn't always a spotter for Earnhardt Jr. He started off racing a late model for JR Motorsports. Earnhardt Jr. discovered Majors while playing online racing video games, and he invited Majors to live on his property. Racing was short-lived for Majors and he soon  found his true calling, spotting.

Besides being a full-time Cup spotter, Majors also spots full-time with JRM. He spotted for Brad Keselowski when Keselowski was driving the No. 88 for JRM, and he spots for Earnhardt Jr. when the team owner races. Majors currently spots for the No. 7 of Regan Smith. With that much spotting during a weekend, how can he rest?

Earnhardt Jr. has even gone as far to call Majors a “brother.”

“I hate to claim him as a brother, but we're pretty close. That's exactly what it is. We spend so much time around each other,” Earnhardt Jr. said after their April win at Talladega.

The 88 team knows the important role Majors plays.

“The spotter is as important as the driver and crew chief at this place or Daytona,” Earnhardt Jr. said, referring to their Talladega win. “He really earned his paycheck this week.”

Majors is also very social on Twitter and interacts with fans on a regular basis. After their Daytona win, Majors was quick to tweet about his reaction and thoughts after the race:
— tj majors (@Tjmajors) July 6, 2015

He was quick to show his relief that Austin Dillon was unharmed after that crash.

Even Earnhardt Jr. tweeted his thanks to Majors for all he did:
However, after a long night at the track, nothing is better than being home for a nice rest.
When he's not spotting, Majors is a father to Madelynn and husband to Tamela.

To follow and enjoy Majors' tweets, follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/Tjmajors.

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