Caption This: Kyle Larson at Pocono

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Enjoy this week’s photo of Kyle Larson, winner of today's NASCAR Xfinity race at Auto Club Speedway. This picture was snapped at Pocono a couple years ago.

Kyle Larson at Pocono presser, Aug. 2014
Credit: Beth Reinke for Skirts and Scuffs    
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  1. Yes it was County, but I finally came in First!!!

  2. I left some speed on turn, a little loose. :)

  3. Kyle: "....17....18...19....TWENTY! Ready or not, here I come. *opens eyes and frowns* Wow you guys really suck at hide-and-seek."

    Random media member: "Oh you were serious about that impromptu game of hide-n-seek?"

    Kyle: *stares at RMM for a moment and sighs* "No wonder Tony hated you guys."

    Aaron Rosser (ARosser14)

  4. My future's so bright, I need sunglasses!

  5. I'm so good, I could have won those two races with my eyes shut!!

  6. Dear Sweet Baby Jesus in the Manger, please let the car pass tech at the R&D Center.
    @ljc777 LJ Cloud