Fast Facts: 2018 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee Ken Squier

credit: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images
Ken Squier is now a two-time member of the NASCAR Hall of Fame – only fitting for a man who has meant so much to sport. Squier and fellow 2018 inductees Robert Yates, Red Byron, Ray Evernham and Ron Hornaday Jr. were inducted into the Hall of Fame on Friday, Jan. 19, 2018. Here are the Fast Facts on this legendary broadcaster.
  • Kenley Dean Squier was born April 10, 1935 in Waterbury, VT. His father, Lloyd, owned radio station WDEV in town, and Squier began working on-air at age 12; Squier remains principal owner and CEO of the station.
  • At age 14, Squier called his first stock car race at a Vermont dirt track, and went on to announce at numerous tracks around Vermont.
  • In 1969, Squier co-founded the Motor Racing Network (MRN), announcing there for several years before moving to television in the 1970s. He served as a pit reporter for the first live “flag-to-flag” race covered on ABC in 1971 and joined CBS Sports that same year.
  • Squier went on to cover the sport as a lap-by-lap commentator for both CBS and TBS in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s before moving to a job as studio host from 1997-2000. He announced every Daytona 500 from 1979-1997.
  • Squier has most recently been part of the Bojangles’ Southern 500 throwback broadcasts since 2015, working with Ned and Dale Jarrett.
  • Squier was already a member of the NASCAR Hall of Fame: in 2012, he, along with fellow journalist Barney Hall, received the very first Squier-Hall Awards, created to honor media contributors of the sport.
  • Find out more about the NASCAR Hall of Fame and its inductees at

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