Clint Bowyer to the FOX Booth in 2021


 "In 2021, my suit will no longer be fireproof. 

I will be joining the FOX booth on Sundays!"
- Clint Bowyer 

Clint Bowyer is sneaky. 

In his media availability on Friday, when Bowyer was asked whether he'd talked to anyone outside of Stewart Haas about 2021 since nothing had been released about the No. 14, he replied, “I talked to my wife the other night. It’s obviously time to begin those talks, and Casey has been working on that stuff, but, honestly, look at the time. The timing is a crunch right now for me. I mean, it’s all about trying to get the most out of every single weekend to get through the playoffs, so honestly, you asked me if I’ve been talking. No, I ain’t been talking. You’re trying to do the things you can do, and for me, the things that I’m good at is obviously doing the best I can do in that race car, but working with partners and trying to keep them on board."

Just a few hours later, the Kansas native tweeted a letter describing his career from his start on the short tracks in the Midwest to the life-changing call from Richard Childress, the sponsors he's represented and the people with whom he's worked, and then dropped the stunning announcement that he's exchanging his firesuit for a suit and tie in the broadcast booth. 

Bowyer mentioned having won races for all three manufacturers. Over 16 seasons and 536 starts, he's scored four victories for Chevrolet with RCR, three for Toyota with Michael Waltrip Racing, and two for Ford with Stewart Haas Racing. 

As he stated in the letter, Bowyer earned a championship in the Xfinity series along with eight wins, and he also had three wins in the Truck series in just 14 starts. 

During the pandemic lockdown, Bowyer sat beside Jeff Gordon in the booth, calling e-races, even driving in some, and the surprising chemistry between the two former rivals landed well with audiences. Despite being known for his sense of humor and his short attention span, Bowyer was both entertaining and insightful, with the more straight-laced Gordon helping to balance Bowyer's somewhat frenetic energy. 

In his presser prior to his announcement, he also said, "When I came into this sport there were a lot of characters. There were a lot of superstars, and they did a good job of when we came in of handing us the reins to a gold mine. And all of us drivers have to do a good job of working hard to make sure that we hand over those reins to these kids coming through -- that they have a great opportunity for them and their families just like we did.”

While he'll be missed on track and trackside, he'll no doubt prove to be an asset during FOX's coverage with his recent in-car experience. 


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