Pitbull and Trackhouse: A New NASCAR Partnership in Nashville

Armando Pérez, better known to his fans as the rapper "Pitbull", wants to extend his congratulations to Nashville.  In his words, “This city is booming!”

Pérez, co-owner of Trackhouse Racing along with Justin Marks, is proud to be associated with a city known for its creativity: “Like music, this [racing] is another creative space for me.”

He first saw the connection to NASCAR when he opened a charter school in the Little Havana area of Miami, and thanks to a friend was able to park a stock car out front. He saw the wonder and awe in the eyes of the children who walked through the door and noted that the car must have looked much like a spaceship to those kids.

Stacey Owens for Skirts and Scuffs

Daniel Suarez, driver of the #99 car for Trackhouse starting in the 2021 season, looked like he’d been in Nashville for years as he drove the Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge car onto the track for Cup practice at Nashville Superspeedway, during the city’s first race weekend in eight years. During qualifying, Suarez placed 22 on the grid for Sunday's race. 

Stacey Owens for Skirts and Scuffs


Stacey Owens lives just outside Music City USA. She's always wanted to be a NASCAR writer, so working as a columnist and support editor for Skirts and Scuffs allows her to live that dream most weekends throughout the season.

This self-admitted grammar nerd loves reading mysteries, playing with her dogs, and binge-watching programs with her husband.


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