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Monday, February 18, 2013

Lasoski Logs Record 20th Victory at Volusia Speedway Park

BARBERVILLE, Fla. - Feb. 17, 2013 - There was at least one happy dude parked in the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series Victory Lane on a frigid Sunday night.

It was the winningest dude in Volusia Speedway Park history, 'The Dude' - Danny Lasoski - who picked up his first win of the season and 20th career at the half mile to conclude the sprint car week at the 42nd annual UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment.

"I really like this place," he said wearing a big grin.

Lasoski shared the spotlight with Daryn Pittman, who was crowned the overall champion of the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit and received a unique three-foot, bronzed gator trophy. His win, runner-up and fifth-place finish during the three-day event - which combined qualifying, heat races and feature points - earned enough points to edge Paul McMahan by 18.

"We had a conversation on our way down here between me and the whole crew on what our goals were for the year and the No. 1 goal was to come here and win that gator," Pittman said. "I'm just having a lot of fun. Just a great way to start the year off accomplishing one of our goals that we had set out."

As impressive as Pittman's weekend was, including a late rally from ninth to fifth in the final three laps on Sunday, Lasoski stole the show to win a wild feature. With the temperature at 35 degrees when the cars were pushed onto the track for the main event, it sure heated up quickly.

Lasoski, who started on the pole of the 30-lap feature, was three wide with Chad Kemenah and Cody Darrah exiting turn two on the opening lap. Lasoski was able to secure the lead as the cars slid through turn four and he remained the leader for the first five laps before Kemenah drove under him entering turn one on lap six.

Kemenah got into traffic on the ensuing lap and Darrah passed Lasoski for the runner-up position in turn two on the eighth lap. The trio battled within a handful of car lengths amid traffic for several laps before Brooke Tatnell brought out the first caution of the race when he stopped in turn three on lap 13.

Kemenah, Darrah and Lasoski continued to put on a show after the restart and after reaching traffic on lap 17, Darrah made his best bid for the lead and pulled next to Kemenah around lap 20. However, Kemenah maintained the lead and pulled to a sizeable advantage until Craig Dollansky, who was running fifth, broke in turn two with three laps remaining for another caution.

Darrah appeared to get into the inside wall entering turn one on the restart and he got sideways, corrected himself and continued on in the top five. However, Terry McCarl - Saturday night's winner - came to a stop in turn two for a caution. The field reverted to the previous restarting order, but Darrah's left front tire was damaged.

He tried to nurse it on the next restart and would have caught a huge break as Kemenah drove beneath the cone on the frontstretch, bringing out another caution and penalizing him two positions.

"I thought I was out of tear offs and the tear offs ear was broke off and it's just like being out of tear offs," Kemenah said. "I couldn't see. I come by there and I thought, 'Well, why didn't they put the cone out?' But they did and I was completely underneath of it they said. It was just a mistake on my behalf."

Darrah would have inherited the lead, but was forced to pit with the tire starting to come off the wheel. That moved Lasoski back to the front with Kemenah in tow.

The duo were neck and neck on the restart, but fifth-place running Steve Kinser spun in turn one. Brad Sweet, who was in ninth, flipped after making contact and Jac Haudenschild also slid into Kinser.

Since contact caused a caution on a restart, the race went back to green with the drivers running in single file. Lasoski committed to the bottom groove and Kemenah rode the cushion. The shorter distance around the inside allowed Lasoski to come up just in front of Kemenah on every straightaway and Lasoski edged Kemenah by a car length at the finish line.

"You had to keep your nose clean; everything was happening so fast," Lasoski said. "The race track actually widened out where you can run top, bottom and middle, and that's all we can ask for."

A dejected Kemenah blamed himself for not ending in Victory Lane.

"I'm just really mad," Kemenah said. "I thought we were going to drive back around him on that last lap going into (turns) three and four, but it just wasn't there and I came home second."

Meanwhile, Justin Henderson was thrilled after earning his first podium of the season by surviving the attrition.

"We had a really good car," he said. "I was watching them battle and nobody was really pressuring me."

Donny Schatz drove from 14th to fourth and Pittman rounded out the top five.

Sammy Swindell was sixth, McMahan placed seventh and Kerry Madsen earned the KSE Hard Charger Award after driving from 22nd to eighth. Darrah finished ninth and Jason Sides ended 10th.

The World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series is off for the next two weekends before resuming action on Wednesday and Thursday, March 6-7, at The Dirt Track at Las Vegas in Las Vegas.

Lasoski Wins the Battle, Pittman Wins the War in Volusia

Photo Credit: Zemco Racing
There are three things that are not welcome on a race track - one is rain. Most series can’t run in the rain and definitely the dirt series can’t run in the rain. The second is fire because it moves quicker than we do and for a driver there is no greater fear. The third is cold weather. Everything gets brittle and slow when it’s cold. The track gets greasy and heavy, in other words slick and slow. The engines require heat to maintain their lubrication so as not to blow up; cold weather makes that lubrication thick and hard to circulate. Parts and pieces get brittle and stiff and they break when normally they would not. The final night at Volusia Speedway Park was a test of wills, drivers, teams, fans and cars against the cold - in some cases they won. In some cases they did not and during those times they came ever so close to tragedy.

The night started out cold. Brutally so for Florida, at race time it was 42 degrees. As the sun went down so did the temperature. Fans were in coats, hats, gloves, heavy clothes and not a lot of beer and cold beverages were sold. Coffee and Hot Chocolate were at premium sales. There were grumblings from deep in the heart of the Sprint Car pits ... "It was cold, it was too cold."

The mighty wings of the outlaws were under heat retaining blankets and instead of them being removed when the engines were fired they were left in place to hold as much heat in as possible. These engines were finely tuned, very sensitive and almost fragile pieces of the puzzle. They were expensive and the cold temperatures were their biggest enemy.

Hot laps were slow and sluggish with only two cars, Sammy Swindell and Tony Stewart, breaking the 13 second barrier. The rest of the times were in the mid to high 14 second bracket. Even the quick time holders from the previous two nights could not break the 13 second barrier.

Qualifying was a fast-paced process as the series attempted to get as much of the qualifying done before the sun went down. Quick Time went to Paul McMahan with a lap time of 13.041 seconds or 138.026 mph. Sammy Swindell, Daryn Pittman, Brad Sweet and Kraig Kinser rounded out the top 5.

Jac Haudenschild's damaged car, Photo Credit: Pheonix Racing
Broken axle that caused Haudenschild's wreck, Photo credit: Pheonix Racing
The first heat race would show the initial serious effects of the cold weather. With two laps to go after coming from sixth to fourth and challenging for third, the No. 59 of Jac Haudenschild suddenly launched into the air flipping over the concrete retaining wall into the fence, dropping between the wall and the outer wall upside down. Haudenschild climbed from the car and sat on the wall. He was assisted to the ambulance where he was cleared to return to the track. However, the car was not so lucky. The mangled race machine was retrieved with a crane from between the two walls and was barely recognizable - missing its left rear wheel and tire. When the tire and wheel were examined it was obvious that the cold had bit “The Wild Child”. The rear axle was snapped on the inside of the hub. Haudenschild was uninjured and went to work with his crew to attempt to get the car ready for the B Main. Justin Henderson took the checkers followed by Cody Darrah, Paul McMahan, Kraig Kinser and Tony Stewart who all to transferred to the A Main.

The second heat race was a break out performance for former ACTION National Midget champion Steve Buckwalter as he took the checkers over a number of champions: 2001 World of Outlaws Series champion Danny Lasoski, three-time World of Outlaws champion Sammy Swindell, current and reigning series champion Donny Schatz and former Knoxville Track champion Kerry Madsen. The heat race win was Buckwalter’s first in the series.

The third heat saw Craig Dollansky jump out to the lead and literally lead from wire to wire to take the checker over Steve Kinser, Jason Sides, Daryn Pittman and David Gravel. Gravel and Greg Wilson waged a fierce battle for the final transfer position, rubbing tires and exchanging slide jobs around the track. However, Gravel was able to persevere and send Wilson to the B Main.

The fourth heat race would boast a surprise winner when the owner of Oshweken Speedway, Glenn Styres, would come home first followed by Chad Kemenah, Brad Sweet, Brooke Tatnell and Sam Hafertepe Jr. The favorite in the race was Chad Kemenah. Styres jumped out to the lead early and never relinquished it. Kemenah was challenged heavily by Brad Sweet allowing Styres to get away while they battled for second. The victory sent Styres to the Dash for the first time in quite some time.

The dash was a wire to wire run for Danny “The Dude” Lasoski. Earning the pole by virtue of the inversion draw of 8 he started on the front row and he never looked back. Not a single driver ever was close enough during the six lap race to challenge him for the lead. Cody Darrah and Chad Kemenah battled for a short time for second before Kemenah was challenged by Craig Dollansky for third place.

The Last Chance Showdown was awaited with baited breath. Would Haudenschild return? Could they really repair the mangled No. 59 in time to run the Last Chance Showdown? After a hard and wild ride like that would “The Wild Child” get back in for the B Main? The questions didn’t wait long for an answer. The first car to the track was none other than Jac Haudenschild in a car with a new top wing, nose wing, rear axle, rear wheel and tire, some bandaid work to the front nose bar and the rear tank. But Jac was ready to do battle and do battle he did. Finishing second to Joey Saladana,  Haudenschild transferred to the A Main in one of the most incredible displays of team work and never quit attitude we have seen in a long time. Also transferring to the A Main were Terry McCarl and Greg Wilson.

The A Main would be a fast and hard fought affair that sadly would be decided by an error on the part of a driver. By the World of Outlaws rules, if there are two accidents on two consecutive restarts the third and following restart is single file. An orange cone is placed on the front stretch and the competitors are not allowed to pass or go below the cone until they cross the start finish line. Chad Kemenah fought hard to get around Danny Lasoski, holding off Cody Darrah with three laps to go, when Craig Dollansky and Steve Buckwalter got together sending Dollansky pirouetting into Turn 2. Dollansky climbed from the Eyecon Camera’s No. 7 uninjured but the car was too damaged to continue. When the green flag waved again Steve Kinser would spin in Turn 1 after a tap from Brad Sweet who got over the rear tire of the No. 11 and flipped landing hard into the Ollie’s Bargain No. 49. Jac Haudenschild, with nowhere to go, clipped the front of Steve Kinser's car and flipped to the inside of the track landing on the inside retaining wall. Both drivers climbed out of the cars uninjured but were out of the race. Kinser would continue and finish the race after a stop in the work area during the Open Red flag period that resulted. 

The restart would be single file. Out of tear-offs on his helmet, Kemenah could not see the cone and went beneath it and drew a two position penalty for the error. Second place Cody Darrah had a flat left front tire and had to go the work area which moved Kemenah back to second. The finish of the race would be a green-white-checker finish. Danny Lasoski pulled Kemenah hard down the back stretch and then pulled away on the white flag lap. Kemenah clearly had the fastest car in the A Main but his mistake handed the victory to Danny Lasoski. “This team never quit. I'm really proud of them this is a brand new car and we're still learning it. It just proves you just got to keep plugging along and good things are going to happen. Chad made a mistake there and gave us another chance and we were fast enough to capitalize on it," said Lasoski from Victory Lane for the 20th time in his career at Volusia Speedway Park.

Chad Kemenah was disappointed and it was apparent in his voice, “I couldn't see, I was out of tear-offs and I thought why didn't they put the cone out there but I guess I was below it. But I think everyone could see that we had the fastest and the best car tonight it was just the driver that made a mistake not the car or the team.”

"This car was comfortable from the get go. We had lots of horsepower and that is what you need at this place," stated third-place finisher Justin Henderson.

The UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Big Gator, for the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars, went to Daryn Pittman. He is beginning this season with Kasey Kahne racing in the Great Clips No. 9. Pittman finished in the top 5 every night, took quick time and won the feature on one night. It’s an impressive way to start tenure in a new ride. “It's awesome, I'm as happy as I've ever been driving a race car. Thanks to Kasey Kahne for putting together an incredible crew and putting a great car under me,” said Pittman.

A racetrack may seem like a strange place to be in the cold weather. For some the night warmed up and got down right hot. For others the cold set in like a deep freeze. Which one depended on your night. Without a doubt the cold temperature showed all the reasons why this type of weather is not welcome at the race track. The next time the mighty wings of the outlaws take the track it will be in a much warmer climate. They will compete at the home of "Lady Luck"- Las Vegas Motor Speedway on March 6 & 7. Who will she choose to be her date for those two nights? Only time will tell. But there is one thing for sure, it will not be a roller coaster ride in a deep freeze like at the DIRTcar nationals.

Qualifying results: 1) Paul McMahan 13.041 138.026 mph, 2) Sammy Swindell 3) Daryn Pittman 4) Brad Sweet 5) Kraig Kinser 6) Donny Schatz 7) Jason Sides 8) Sam Hafertepe Jr. 9) Justin Henderson 10) Steve Buckwalter 11) Craig Dollansky 12) Chad Kemenah 13) Cody Darrah 14) Danny Lasoski. 15) Steve Kinser 16) Glenn Styres 17) Tony Stewart 18) Joey Saldana 19) Greg Wilson 20) Terry McCarl 21) Jac Haudenschild 22) Kerry Madsen 23) David Gravel 24) Brooke Tatnell 25) Danny Smith 26) Jason Leffler 27) Jayme Barnes 28) Dave Blaney 29) Lance Dewease 30) Danny Holtgraver 31) Tim Shafer 32) Trey Gustin 33) Brian Paulus 34) Cap Henry 35) Logan Schuchart 36) Danny Dietrich

First Heat Results: 1) Justin Henderson 2) Cody Darrah 3) Paul McMahan 4) Kraig Kinser 5) Tony Stewart 6) Danny Smith 7) Brian Paulus 8)8) Lance Dewease 9) Jac Haudenschild.

Second Heat Results: 1) Steve Buckwalter 2) Danny Lasoski. 3) Sammy Swindell 4) Donny Schatz 5) Kerry Madsen 6) Joey Saldana 7) Danny Holtgraver, 8) Cap Henry 9) Jason Leffler

Third Heat Results: 1) Craig Dollansky 2) Steve Kinser 3) Jason Sides 4) Daryn Pittman 5) David Gravel 6) Greg Wilson 7) Jayme Barnes 8) Tim Shafer 9) Logan Schuchart

Fourth Heat Results: 1) Glenn Styres 2) Chad Kemenah 3) Brad Sweet 4) Brooke Tatnell 5) Sam Hafertepe Jr. 6) Terry McCarl 7) Dave Blaney 8) 8) Danny Dietrich 9) Trey Gustin

Dash Results: 1) Danny Lasoski 2) Cody Darrah 3) Chad Kemenah 4) Craig Dollansky 5) Justin Henderson 6) Steve Kinser 7) Steve Buckwalter 8) Sammy Swindell 9) Paul McMahan 10) Glenn Styres

LCS Results: 1) Joey Saldana 2) Jac Haudenschild 3) Terry McCarl 4) Greg Wilson 5) Dave Blaney 6) Danny Smith 7) Tim Shafer 8) Jason Leffler 9) Danny Holtgraver 10) Jayme Barnes 11) Brian Paulus 12) Trey Gustin 13) Cap Henry 14) Logan Schuchart 15) Lance Dewease (DNS) 16) Danny Dietrich (DNS)

A Main Results: 1) Danny Lasoski 2) Chad Kemenah 3) Justin Henderson 4) Donny Schatz 5) Daryn Pittman 6) Sammy Swindell 7) Paul McMahan 8) Kerry Madsen 9) Cody Darrah 10) Jason Sides 11) Kraig Kinser 12) Sam Hafertepe Jr. 13) Tony Stewart 14) Steve Kinser 15) Terry McCarl 16) Joey Saldana 17) Greg Wilson 18) Glenn Styres 19) David Gravel 20) Danny Smith 21) Brad Sweet 22) Jac Haudenschild 23) Craig Dollansky 24) Steve Buckwalter 25) Brooke Tatnell

KSE Hard Charger of the Race went to Kerry Madsen who started 22nd and finished eighth.

Addendum: Those wishing to send "Get Well" wishes to Bill Rose can do so at this address:

Bill Rose
c/o Shawn Miller.
World of Outlaws Sprints
7575-D West Winds Boulevard
Concord, NC 28027

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Joey Saldana Battles To A 15th Place Feature Finish

BARBERVILLE, Fla. (Feb. 16, 2013) – It was another night of World of Outlaws STP Sprint Series thrills and chills as 39 hard charging drivers vied for 26 available positions in the feature in night number two at the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit at Volusia Speedway Park.
Joey Saldana drove the Motter Equipment Fatheadz Eyewear 71M sprint car high, low, and everywhere in between on the world’s fastest half-mile dirt track in every qualifying lap, the heat race, Last Chance Showdown and feature, giving his Hoosier tires a workout.
The track went from greasy in the first hot lap session to extremely fast as the night wore on.
The 71M team qualified 37th with a 13.751-second lap which relegated them to a last place starting position for every event.
In his heat race, after starting 10th, Saldana narrowly missed the fifth and final transfer spot, finishing sixth.
The Brownsburg Bullet had to use the Last Chance Showdown to gain a starting position in the feature. 
The Last Chance Showdown was action-packed with caution flags, cars spinning and others slowing to a stop on the racing surface where slide jobs were the order of the day on the fast track.  After starting 14th, Saldana stayed trouble-free, stalking and picking off one car after another until the checkered flag dropped with the Motter 71M car riding in third place, transferring Saldana to the 24th starting position in the feature.
Saldana moved forward quickly, working his way up to 15th with 15 laps completed when a caution flew for an accident involving teammates Donny Schatz and Steve Kinser.
The track had built up a big cushion by that point, and after the restart, there was almost no passing throughout the field of cars. It was as if the cars were connected like a freight train, and if you got off the cushion, you lost forward drive.
“It was a handful,” said Saldana, “but we overcame a terrible qualifying time and made it into the A-main and moved forward all night long.  We are still searching to get the balance of our car just right. It’s a work in progress and we are getting closer.
“Now it’s on to the final night of the UNOH Dirt Car Nationals tomorrow night.”

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pittman Roars to World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series Season-Opening Victory


BARBERVILLE, Fla. - Feb. 15, 2013 - There were hugs, smiles and high fives. Then, a hop onto the back of his car, where Daryn Pittman let out a yell that reached the edges of Volusia County as the confetti blanketed his new ride.

An extremely happy Pittman gave his NASCAR-star boss, Kasey Kahne, a grin as they celebrated on the frontstretch at Volusia Speedway Park Friday night following Pittman's World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series season-opening victory in front of packed grandstands.

"We were stout from the time we unloaded and we were just lucky enough to come out on top," Pittman said. "I'm as happy as I've ever been driving a race car."

The 42nd annual UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment was the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series season debut for Pittman, who got the call near the end of last season to compete for Kasey Kahne Racing.

"They built a really strong team over the offseason and it's fun to watch," Kahne said. "I'm glad we were able to get him in our car. I think he's done really well for a long period of time and now hopefully he can do really well all year for us.

"I was super happy to see him start off like this, but I didn't know how quickly they would gel and get things rolling."

Pittman's 31st career World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series victory - which ranks 14th all time - was a work in progress all night. After qualifying second quickest of the 40 competitors, Pittman charged from fourth to win his heat race.

The dash inversion was a six, making him start on the inside of the third row for the six-lap race that determines the lineup for the first five rows of the feature. Pittman passed one car to earn the fourth starting position in the 30-lap, $10,000-to-win main event.

After riding in third for the first 10 laps, Pittman rocketed to the lead on a restart one third of the way through the race. He drove around Kasey Kahne Racing teammate Brad Sweet entering turn one and then slid Sammy Swindell, who led the first 10 laps, entering turn three.

"You weren't going to pass eight or 10 cars to win tonight, so I think our dash, gaining that row, helped and put us in position to win," Pittman said. "And just being in the right place at the right time in the A (Main) and just having a car that was good enough that I could move around. Some nights you've just got to get what you can in a short amount of time and just hope it's enough at the end."

Pittman began to drive away before Swindell reeled him in as they entered traffic just past the halfway mark. The duo restarted side by side twice in the final 10 laps after cautions for David Gravel and Lance Dewease, but the inside groove was the preferred line and Pittman chose it on each restart.

Swindell's front nose wing began to break apart in the final half-dozen laps and part of it lodged in his cockpit in the closing laps. He maintained second place until running out of fuel on the backstretch of the final lap, which dropped Swindell from second to fourth place.

Jac Haudenschild, who cracked the top three on a restart with 10 laps remaining, was within striking distance and assumed the runner-up finish.

"It's definitely good to be out front because the clean air does help," he said. "I followed Sammy for quite a while. It was just tight back there behind cars. The track was narrow, but we're happy with a second-place finish"

Sweet, who ran second to Swindell for the first 10 laps, narrowly edged him to claim the final spot on the podium and join his winning teammate.

"We started up front was the key to getting a podium," Sweet said. "Daryn was just really fast. He was able to get by me and Sammy there and kind of showed us something."

Paul McMahan, who set quick time in qualifying, rounded out the top five.

Craig Dollansky drove from 11th to sixth, Jason Sides placed seventh and Donny Schatz earned the KSE Hard Charger Award after maneuvering from 22nd to eighth. Kraig Kinser finished ninth and Steve Kinser rallied from 17th to end 10th.

The UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit continues on Saturday. Front gates are scheduled to open at 5 p.m. with hot laps around 6 p.m. and Opening Ceremonies at 7:20 p.m.

UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment Notebook

NOTES - Donny Schatz was presented with his 2012 championship ring during Opening Ceremonies. … Lance Dewease, Daryn Pittman, Brooke Tatnell and Justin Henderson each claimed their first heat race win of the season. … The dash draw was a six. … Sammy Swindell won his first dash of the year. … Joey Saldana became the first Last Chance Showdown winner of the season. … Pittman is the fourth different season-opening winner in as many years.

Pittman Starts Season With A Bang for Kasey Kahne Racing

Photo courtesy of Chris Dolack / World of Outlaws

It has been a long, cold winter. For months dirt racing fans have dreamed of tonight, the night when the green flag would drop on the 2013 World of Outlaws season. When the green flag dropped tonight, on the greatest show on dirt, no one was disappointed.

The cars and the stars of the World of Outlaws Series took to a heavy wet track at Volusia Speedway Park tonight. After two days of heavy rain the track was wet and fast. It never slicked off but it gained speed from the first hot lap to the final green flag lap of the A Main.

There was a circus like anticipation. There were new cars, new drivers and new paint schemes.

There were drivers in new rides, Paul McMahan was in the Red No. 51, Daryn Pittman in the Great Clips No. 9, Joey Saldana in the legendary 71M of Motter Motorsports and Justin Henderson in the H07 from Coldren racing.

There were new sponsors for big names like Steve Kinser, Jac Haudenschild and Craig Dollansky.

There was a strong show of respect for legendary driver Fred Rahmer when Tony Stewart put him in the seat of the Chevy Performance Tony Stewart Racing No. 14. The three-time Cup champion was unable to make the event due to NASCAR obligations at the big track in Daytona.

It was as though the circus had come to town - the wonderful odors of methanol and hot Hoosier rubber mixed with concessions and anticipation to create "The Greatest Show on Dirt."

Quick Time went to Paul McMahan who turned a lap of 12.931 seconds or 139.200 mph. The remaining top 5 qualifiers were Daryn Pittman, Kraig Kinser, Craig Dollansky and Chad Kemenah. The big surprise in qualifying was the lack of speed by 2012 Outlaws champion Donny Schatz. Schatz’s lap of record was 13.301 seconds or 135.328 mph, almost 4 mph off the pace of the field. Schatz’s STP team did two engine changes in less than three hours to finally get the speed he needed to be competitive.

Heat race number one was a fast-paced show of speed and dominance for PA Posse member Lance Dewease. Dewease was literally chased to the flag by Brad Sweet as Sweet came on late in the race to cut Dewease’s lead to half a car length to come home second. The top five transferred to the A Main. Chad Kemenah, Paul McMahan, Greg Wilson would transfer to the A Main. Feeling the growing pains of his brand new team, Joey Saldana finished sixth just out of the transfer position.

Heat race number two was a battle royal between Daryn Pittman and Sammy Swindell. The two traded hooks and slides for the lead but at the checkers it would be Pittman taking the top spot over Swindell, Steve Kinser, David Gravel and Cap Henry. Dave Blaney who started on the pole faded from the beginning and would trailer the No. 10 Ford powered car for the night. Also surprising was former champion Danny Lasoski who never really made a run to the front and finished seventh.

Heat race number three showed the skills and speed of one of the best from down under when Brooke Tatnell took the win over a hard charging Jason Sides and Kraig Kinser. Finishing off the transferring class in fourth was Sam Hafertepe Jr. and Dale Blaney who came in the fifth to take the final transfer position.

Heat race number four was a show of old school skill and elbows up driving that is the trade mark of “The Wild Child” Jac Haudenschild. Justin Henderson was able to hold off the last corner charge of Haudenschild to take the win but the display of skill from Haudenschild was a reminder of how he got his name The Wild Child. Craig Dollansky, Cody Darrah, and Donny Schatz rounded out the transferring drivers.

The dash which is made up from the top two finishers of the heats and makes up the top 5 rows of the A Main was a barn burner. Sammy Swindell started on the pole when the inversion of 6 was drawn. Swindell never looked back. Brad Sweet challenged but never really threatened Swindell’s dominance.

The 12-lap B Main would complete the A Main field. It would show the first signs of the strength of the legendary 71M of Joey Saldana. Saldana would dominate the B Main from green flag to checkers. The remaining top four spots would go to Knoxville Raceway winged sprint champion Terry McCarl, PA Posse member Danny Holtgraver and Fred Rahmer in Tony Stewart’s legendary No. 14. Not making the field were Danny Lasoski, Tim Shaffer, Kerry Madsen, Jason Leffler and Logan Schuchart.

The A Main would feature 26 cars, with Bill Rose and Kerry Madsen taking provisionals into the A Main. As expected, Sammy Swindell set sail on the green flag. Brad Sweet lost seconds early as Daryn Pittman drove by him on the low side coming out of two. Swindell held on until late in the race when Pittman went by on Lap 22. Swindell had an encounter with the wall that damaged the front wing of the Big Game Tree Stands No. 1. Swindell never backed off until the last lap where he slowed dramatically on the back stretch allowing Jac Haudenschild to pass him and Brad Sweet as well. Swindell would come home a disappointing fourth.

The A Main was a fast paced and hard core race on a heavy track that was holding its moisture. The track began to pick up speed at about Lap 10 and it never slicked off just became very very fast and very very narrow about a car and half wide. It took skill and experience to make solid passes on the track. One driver who had no trouble with the wet fast track was Donny Schatz who climbed from 22nd starting position to eighth to claim the KSE Hard Charger award for the evening.

Daryn Pittman claimed his first Feature win for his new Kasey Kahne Racing team. “First off call a spade a spade. Hats off to my crew. This is not my type of track. I had a lot of fun. I had the greatest car here. But this is definitely not the type of track that I have a lot of confidence at. But this one would drive in anywhere and turn down. This car was just awesome.”

Second place went to Jac Haudenschild who said, “I had a good time. My car felt really good. I’m really looking forward to this year.”

Third place was Brad Sweet who complimented team mate Daryn Pittman saying, “Daryn was the class of the field. Restarts just didn’t go our way. We will come back tomorrow and try it again."

The first night was exciting and quick. It eased the pain of the long, cold winter. It reminded us why we became winged sprint car fans in the first place, the tenacity and the courage of the men behind the wheels, who put their lives on the line every single lap and race every inch of the way to give us the greatest show on dirt.

It was the first of 94 races and a long summer. But for now we look forward to tomorrow when we will once again, fire the engines and take the green and forget about the winter and the summer and the obligations that await us in the real world. For now all that matters is that the Outlaws season has begun and the long wait is over.

Qualifying results: 1) Paul McMahan 12.931 seconds 2) Daryn Pittman 3) Kraig Kinser 4) Craig Dollansky 5) Chad Kemenah 6) David Gravel 7) Sam Hafertepe Jr 8) 8) Jac Haudenschild 9) Brad Sweet 10) Sammy Swindell 11) Jason Sides 12) Cody Darrah 13) Lance Dewease 14) Dave Blaney 15) Brooke Tatnell 16) Justin Henderson 17) Joey Saldana 18) Steve Kinser 19) Danny Holtgraver 20) Fred Rahmer 21) Greg Wilson 22) Terry McCarl 23) Steve Buckwalter 24) Donny Schatz 25) Danny Deitrich 26) Danny Lasoski. 27) Jaym)e Barnes 28) Kerry Madsen 29) Lou Kennedy 30) Trey Gustin 31) Dale Blaney 32) Jason Leffler 33) Mark Coldren 34) Cap Henry 35) Logan Schuchart 36) Tim Shafer 37) Danny Smith 38) Bill Rose 39) Brian Paulus 40) Glen Styres.

Heat Race 1 Results: 1) Lance Dewease 2) Brad Sweet 3) Chad Kemenah 4) Paul McMahan 5) Greg Wilson 6) Joey Saldana 7) Danny Smith 8) Lou Kennedy Jr. 9) Mark Colderon 10) Danny Dietrich

Heat Race 2 Results: 1) Daryn Pittman 2) Sammy Swindell 3) Steve Kinser 4) David Gravel 5) Cap Henry 6) Terry McCarl 7) Danny Lasoski 8) Trey Gustin 9) Dave Blaney 10) Bill Rose

Heat Race 3 Results: 1) Brooke Tatnell 2) Jason Sides 3) Kraig Kinser 4) Sam Hafertepe Jr. 5) Dale Blaney 6) Jayme Barnes 7) Logan Schuchart 8) Danny Holtgraver 9) Glenn Styres 10) Steve Buckwalter (DNS)

Heat Race 4 Results: 1) Justin Henderson 2) Jac Haudenschild 3) Craig Dollansky 4) Cody Darrah 5) Donny Schatz 6) Fred Rahmer 7) Kerry Madsen 8) Brian Paulus 9) Jason Leffler 10) Tim Shaffer

Dash Results:{Inversion was a 6} 1) Sammy Swindell 2) Brad Sweet 3) Kraig Kinser 4) Daryn Pittman 5) Jac Haudenschild 6) Paul McMahan 7) Jason Sides 8) Justin Henderson 9) Lance Dewease 10) Brooke Tatnell

B Main Feature: 1) Joey Saldana 2) Terry McCarl 3) Danny Holtgraver 4) Fred Rahmer 5) Jayme Barnes 6) Danny Lasoski 7) Kerry Madsen 8) Steve Buckwalter 9) Lou Kennedy Jr. 10) Mark Colderon 11) Tim Shaffer 12) Jason Leffler 13) Logan Schuchart 14) Trey Gustin 15) Glenn Styres 16) Danny Dietrich 17) Bill Rose 18) Danny Smith 19) Dave Blaney (DNS) 20) Brian Paulus (DNS)

A Main Feature: 1) Daryn Pittman 2) Jac Haudenschild 3) Brad Sweet 4) Sammy Swindell 5) Paul McMahan 6) Craig Dollansky 7) Jason Sides 8) Donny Schatz 9) Kraig Kinser 10) Steve Kinser 12) Joey Saldana 13) Sam Hafertepe Jr. 14) Cody Darrah 15) Fred Rahmer 16) Kerry Madsen 17) Bill Rose 18) Lance Dewease 19) Justin Henderson 20) David Gravel 21) Dale Blaney 22) Brooke Tatnell 23) Cap Henry 24) Danny Holtgraver 25) Terry McCarl 26) Greg Wilson.

Motter and Saldana Start The Season with a Wire-To-Wire B Main Win and Finish 12th

BARBERVILLE, Fla. (Feb. 15, 2013) – After rain washed out the first two days of racing at the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment, competition got underway tonight at Volusia Speedway Park.

Opening night of the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Series saw fierce battles with the winged sprint cars running high and low on a heavy race track, flinging mud as high as the light poles.

There were 40 entries in tonight’s event, and after posting third fastest time in practice, Saldana drove the Motter Equipment Fatheadz Eyewear 71M car to the No. 17 qualifying position with a 13.261-second lap around the world’s fastest half-mile dirt track.

Ten cars competed in heat one with Saldana and Greg Wilson in a hard-fought battle for the fifth and final transfer spot to the A main. Saldana finished sixth but used a very impressive wire-to-wire win in the B Main to transfer to the 16th starting position in the A Main, finishing 12th in the first race of the season.

“The rain the past couple of days created some challenging racing conditions,” said Saldana, known as the Brownsburg Bullet. “The track kept getting stickier and faster as the night wore on and during the A Main it was so sticky it was hard for anyone to pass.

“We were doing wheel stands on the straight-a-ways in the Motter Equipment Fatheadz Eyewear 71M nearly every lap. It was a handful tonight, but we are excited to be getting some track time after the rain delays.

“Tomorrow’s weather forecast calls for freezing conditions so we will have an interesting set of tuning challenges but our team is up for the challenges!”

Saldana won back-to-back UNOH DIRTcar Nationals titles in 2010 and 2011 and World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series A-Features at Volusia Speedway Park in 2009 and 2006.

Tonight’s feature was won by Daryn Pittman.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rain Forces Second Straight Cancellation at UNOH DIRTcar Nationals


World of Outlaws STP Sprint Cars debut Friday with DIRTcar UMP Modifieds

BARBERVILLE, Fla. - Feb. 14, 2013 - A second consecutive day of rain across central Florida forced Volusia Speedway Park officials to cancel Thursday night's events at the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment.

Fans who purchased a ticket for Thursday night's races can exchange its value for another ticket during the remaining nine days of the event.

The World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series makes its season debut Friday night at Volusia, joining DIRTcar UMP Modifieds. The two divisions will race through Sunday, then beginning on Monday DIRTcar Late Models invade followed by Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds and World of Outlaws Late Models.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heavy Rain Forces Volusia to Cancel Wednesday's UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Action


Heavy Rain Forces Volusia to Cancel Wednesday's UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Action

Ticket value can be exchanged for another day at event; Sprint Cars, UMP Modifieds back on track Thursday

BARBERVILLE, Fla. - Feb. 13, 2013 - Heavy rain moving across central Florida forced track and series officials to cancel Wednesday night's UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment action at Volusia Speedway Park.

Fans who purchased a ticket for Wednesday night's races can exchange its value for another ticket during the remaining 10 days of the event.

The action picks back up on Thursday night at Volusia with UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars and DIRTcar UMP Modifieds. Beginning Friday, the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Cars will join the UMP Modifieds. On Monday, DIRTcar Late Models begin competing at Volusia followed by Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds and World of Outlaws Late Models.

Sweet, Darrah and Swindell Top the Charts on Practice Night at Volusia Speedway Park

Sweet, Darrah and Swindell Top the Charts on Practice Night at Volusia Speedway Park

Five straight nights of UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit begins Wednesday 

BARBERVILLE, Fla. - Feb. 12, 2013 - Two-dozen sprint car drivers converged on the fastest half-mile track in the country on a warm Tuesday evening for a little practice.

Brad Sweet set the quickest time with a lap of 13.115 seconds in the first of three sets of hot laps on the opening night of the 42nd annual UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment at Volusia Speedway Park.

The 24 drivers, plus another dozen or so, return on Wednesday for back-to-back UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions competition before Friday's World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series three-day, season-opening event.

Those five races are part of the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit, which awards a unique gator trophy to the top-point earner. Tuesday was an opportunity to get back in the seat and take a few laps on Hoosiers - the new and Official Tire of the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series.

"Coming off the offseason you come to the fastest track of the year to start the year off and it's just nice to get in a car, get in race shape and get your feet underneath you," Sweet said.

Fellow Kasey Kahne Racing driver Cody Darrah was quickest in the second set with a lap of 13.628 seconds and he finished fifth in the other two sets - less than three tenths off the top time in both.

"I'm really glad to be on Hoosiers this year; it's definitely a good feel under our car," Darrah said. "This place is so fast and it's good to come here and get some laps. We tested some things, tested some motors and we're leaving pretty happy here tonight."

Defending UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit champion Sammy Swindell ended the night by posting the top lap of 13.913 seconds in the third set after finishing third in the first set and sixth in the second set.

"We came in exactly like we ran here last year and it wasn't bad," he said. "We made some changes, but we didn't really adjust for the track change so we kind of missed a little bit on that.

"The last one we went ahead and did a few things to get a little more aggressive with the car because we pretty much did everything we wanted with the motor, so that kind of put the whole program together and gave us a direction for tomorrow."

Sunday, February 10, 2013

By the Numbers: A Look Back at a Stellar 2012

By the Numbers: A Look Back at a Stellar 2012 Across the Country

The World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series opens 2013 season this week in Florida

BARBERVILLE, Fla. - Feb. 10, 2013 - The World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series is only days away from opening the 2013 campaign at the 42nd annual UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment.

With excitement and attention focused on the famed season-opening event, which begins on Tuesday with a night of practice before two days of UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions racing and then three days of World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series competition at Volusia Speedway Park, a phenomenal 2012 season is relived one final time.

Donny Schatz set a torrid and unmatched pace from his sixth Knoxville Nationals victory in the last seven years until the end of the season to earn his fifth World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series title.

Along with those impressive feats, here are a few numbers from the historic 2012 season:

1 - The car number with the most victories - all 13 from Sammy Swindell.

3 - Features on 5/8-mile tracks.

4 - Features on 3/10-mile tracks and races with quick time set in the 15-second and 17-second ranges.

5 - Different-sized tracks that Swindell won on - the most of any driver.

7 - Features on third-mile and 4/10-mile tracks, and races with quick time set in the 14-second and 16-second ranges.

9 - Races with quick time set in the 11-second range.

10 - Features on quarter-mile tracks.

10.246 - The quickest qualifying lap all season, turned in by Lucas Wolfe at Cornwall Motor Speedway in Cornwall, Ontario.

11 - Races with quick time set in the 10-second and 12-second ranges.

17 - Races with quick time set in the 13-second range, the most of any.

19 - Features on 3/8-mile tracks.

20 - Different numbers on winning cars.

23 - Different feature winners, which is the highest in any season.

24 - Features on half-mile tracks.

49 - Different tracks competed at.

Check out the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series as its starts another record-setting season this week at the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Competition is stout at UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit

Competition is Stout at UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit

The five-day sprint car event begins on Wednesday, Feb. 13, at Volusia Speedway Park

BARBERVILLE, Fla. - Feb. 6, 2013 - The Florida freeways are littered with a variety of multicolored rigs headed for the sun to kick off the 2013 season.

Approximately 40 sprint cars are expected at Volusia Speedway Park for the 42nd annual UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment, which starts with a practice session on Tuesday, Feb. 12, before two nights of UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions competition and three nights of World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series action on the world's fastest half mile.

While the usual Outlaws are set to begin another chase at the championship, a group of top-notch talent from across the country isn't racing for points. They're after the loot and the unique gator trophy.

Former World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series champion Danny Lasoski heads the drivers who will compete on the tour sparingly. Lasoski, who claimed two of the five features and the series' season opener last year, has earned a record 19 feature victories at Volusia Speedway Park.

"I don't know if its pep in our step, but it's definitely confidence," he said. "You've been cooped up all winter and you're just excited to be here. As luck would have it we run pretty well there, too.

"Mostly, the race track fits my driving. I love the big, fast half miles."

Lasoski isn't the only former winner headed to Volusia Speedway Park.

 Dale Blaney won twice last season - the Commonwealth Clash at Lernerville Speedway and the Sixth annual PEAK Motor Oil World of Outlaws World Finals Presented by NAPA Auto Parts at The Dirt Track at Charlotte - to give the 1998 Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year eight career victories.

Now driving for CJB Motorsports, Paul McMahan is coming off two feature wins last season to boost his career total to 14 - a number tied for 20 th all time with the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series.

Brad Sweet, who splits his time driving for Kasey Kahne Racing by competing in NASCAR, earned his first career World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series win at Clay County Fair Speedway last June. Sweet recorded two top fives and three top 10s in the five races at Volusia Speedway Park last season.

Sam Hafertepe Jr., whose lone World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series victory was in 2011 at Skagit Speedway, earned a trio of top 10s at the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit last season.

Danny Dietrich will be making his first trip to Volusia Speedway Park after claiming his first career World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series win last year at Lincoln Speedway.

A variety of former winners including Jac Haudenschild, Lance Dewease and David Gravel are also expected, and there's never a shortage of drivers looking to start their season in the Florida sun. Perhaps even a NASCAR Sprint Cup star or two.

Press Release courtesy of the World of Outlaws.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Volusia Speedway Park Is Ready For 12 Nights Of Action During UNOH DIRTcar Nationals

BARBERVILLE, FL (Feb. 1, 2013) – The time has come for engines to fire, wheels to turn and clay to fly at Volusia Speedway Park.

This Saturday (Feb. 2) the famed D-shaped, half-mile oval outside Daytona Beach springs to life for the first time in 2013, hosting a four-hour practice session (3-7 p.m.) open to racers from all divisions that will set the stage for the 42nd UNOH DIRTcar Nationals Presented by Summit Racing Equipment. The track’s blockbuster meet featuring Sprint Cars, dirt Late Models, Big-Block Modifieds and UMP Modifieds runs from Feb. 12-23.

“We can’t wait to get rolling,” said DIRTcar Northeast marketing director Jeff Hachmann, who migrated south to Florida in December to oversee marketing efforts and other details of the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit. “A lot of people have been working hard for a couple months to get the facility ready for one of the country’s biggest dirt-track events of the season, so it’s going to be exciting for all of us to finally see cars get back out there on the track this Saturday.”

A group of World Racing Group staffers – led by Lernerville Speedway general manager Gary Risch Jr. and also including track-prep specialists Larry Fink and Chad Alchier, World of Outlaws Late Model Series pit steward Tyler Bachman, DIRTcar Northeast electrician Dave Dixon, Lernerville employee Jeremy Timko and Volusia office manager Shelly Minchew – have joined together to spearhead preparation of Volusia’s track surface, grounds and infrastructure for February’s racing spectacular. Among the improvements that visitors to the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit will notice are improved lighting in the lower ‘Gator Pond’ pit area and newly-erected bleachers in the upper pit area.

Saturday’s test-and-tune will serve as a low-key prelude to 12 consecutive nights of racing at Volusia. The UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit schedule includes Sprint Cars (UNOH All-Star Circuit of Champions Feb. 13-14, World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series Feb. 15-17); dirt Late Models (DIRTcar UMP-sanctioned events Feb. 18-20, World of Outlaws Late Model Series Feb. 21-23); the Super DIRTcar Series for Big-Block Modifieds (Feb. 20-23); and UMP Modifieds (Feb. 12-19).

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 different race teams are expected to participate in the festival of speed, which boasts nightly doubleheaders that will be witnessed by thousands of race fans from across the country. Gates will open each evening at 5 o’clock with racing scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m.

For the open practice session on Feb. 2, gates are scheduled to open at 12 noon. Pit entry will cost $30, while fans can watch from the grandstands free of charge. Sunday (Feb. 3) has been established as a raindate and the same schedule would be in effect.

Other news and notes concering the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit include:

GET YOUR TICKETS: Fans can take advantage of multi-day advance-sale packages for each division by ordering on-line through or calling the event ticket hotline at 877-395-8606.

In addition, EVERY ticket purchased in advance or on each race night includes a FREE FAN PIT PASS, allowing fans to sign into the pits for an up-close-and-personal view of the race teams in action.

“The FREE Fan Pit Pass with every ticket has become hugely popular at the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit,” said Hachmann. “It’s a perk that essentially gives fans a backstage pass, an opportunity to be right in the middle of the action and rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in motorsports.”

GOTTA GET A BUD: With Budweiser serving as the Official Beer of the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit, a ‘Bud Beer Garden’ will be set up for the first time in the midway area behind the grandstands.

“It will be a fun place for fans to hang out every night,” said Hachmann. “We’re putting up several tents and will have a portable bar, tables, stools and even televisions that will be showing a closed-circuit broadcast of the action on the racetrack.”

GO SHOPPING: The midway area will once again be jam-packed with a wide variety of merchandise and food vendors. Fans can check out apparel trailers from the World of Outlaws, DIRTcar Racing and dozens of drivers and find plenty of tasty treats to fulfill their appetites, including the popular ‘Steak-on-a-Stick’ stand and – new this year – Buck & Ruthie’s Ice Cream and Oxie’s Pig Roast.

WORKING THE CLAY: The track-prep team will have plenty of machinery at their disposal thanks to Ring Power CAT of St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, the Official Heavy Equipment Provider of the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit.

“We’re thrilled to have Ring Power CAT as a partner for the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit,” said Hachmann. “It takes a lot of equipment to keep a big half-mile track in racy condition – and with 12 straight nights of action, that equipment better be in good condition too. Thanks to Ring Power CAT, our track-prep guys have quality graders, water trucks, rollers and sweepers to do their job and provide the teams and fans great track conditions.”

VROOM, VROOM: Well known as the World’s Largest Dealer of New and Used Harley-Davidsons, Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson in Ormond Beach, Fla., holds the status of Official Motorcycle of the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit.

As part of the business’s sponsorship, Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson is providing Volusia Speedway Park a tram that will transport fans from the far campgrounds and parking areas to the front gate.

A PLACE TO BE: Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson is located at Destination Daytona, a massive complex that also features a luxury hotel and resort, retail shops and restaurants and bars.

The Howard Johnson Inn & Suites at Destination Daytona is the Official Hotel of the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit and offers a 15 percent discount on room rates to fans who mention the DIRTcar Nationals. In addition, Saints & Sinners Pub at Destination Daytona is the home of the Official After-Party of the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit.

Destination Daytona is located in Ormond Beach, Fla., at the Interstate 95 and U.S. 1 interchange. It is just a 20-minute drive from Volusia Speedway Park.

NIGHT FOR THE PROMOTERS: Sport Insurance Specialists, National Speedway Directory and Complete Motorsports Graphics are hosting a Promoters Night at Volusia during the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit program on Tues., Feb. 19. Track operators from across the country are invited to show their badges from the annual Racing Promotion Monthly Promoters’ Meetings for admittance to the speedway that evening and to join the event’s sponsors for food and drink.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Other sponsors of the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit noted by Hachmann include Safety-Kleen, Daytona Beach’s World Famous Iron Horse Saloon and the Hampton Inn Palm Coast (Preferred Hotel of Volusia Speedway Park).

LAST CHANCE: Time is running out for fans to visit and vote for their favorite driver to take on five others in a six-lap, winner-takes-all ‘Six Pack Challenge’ at the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit. The top six Sprint Car, Late Model, Big-Block Modified and UMP Modified vote-getters in the polling, which ends at 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 2, will be eligible to compete in the $500-to-win dashes.

The Sprint Car Six Pack will be Sat., Feb. 16; the UMP Modified Six Pack will be Tues., Feb. 19; the Late Model Six Pack will be Thurs., Feb. 21; and the Big-Block Modified Six Pack will be Fri., Feb. 22.

WATCH THE RACES FROM HOME: Anyone who can’t make it to Volusia Speedway Park for the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit can still enjoy all the action from the comfort of their home thanks to live video coverage on, which is offering daily and 12-day subscription packages.

With improved multi-camera shoots, fans will see the DIRTcar Nationals competition on their computer screens like never before. The Feb. 18-23 dirt Late Model portion of the extravaganza will even include in-depth lap-by-lap announcing and pit reporting thanks to a collaborative effort with

Fans can go to and order coverage of single racing nights for $17.99 each or get a full 12-day subscription for $54.95.

INFO: Fans can learn anything they need to know about the UNOH DIRTcar Nationals by Summit by visiting and clicking on the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ tab.