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Our writers come from all across the United States and have widely different backgrounds, yet they are united by one passion; a love for the sport of NASCAR.

Each of our writers cheers for a different driver on race weekend and alll have a unique perspective when it comes to covering the sport. Check out our ever growing list of contributors.

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Katy Lindamood - Admin, Editor, Contributor

Katy Lindamood is freelance writer, blogger, and self proclaimed NASCAR addict. Since the age of 12 Katy has been following racing. That's when on a whim her mother chose to watch the 1993 Daytona 500 rather than some Lifetime movie. Bored out of her mind Katy began hoping for a wreck. Just moments later Rusty Wallace went on the ride of his life in a barrel roll down the backstretch. From that moment on Katy was addicted. 

Based on her first experience watching a race Katy became a die hard Rusty Wallace fan. How could someone go on a ride like that and walk away? She was the only teenager she knew who decorated her room with pictures of drivers rather than the latest teen idol and there are pictures of her crying while opening her NASCAR related Christmas gifts. Katy dreamed of one day getting to meet the man who had peaked her interest in the sport though when she got the opportunity in 2008 she panicked. Yes, there are pictures of that as well.

These days Katy cheers for Kurt and Kyle Busch along with a few underdogs like David Ragan. Katy currently co-authors The Biff Files with her best friend Jenn and would move into the infield of Lowe's Motor Speedway if they would allow her. In addition Katy contributes to several blogs including The Final Lap and 4wide. Katy also maintains the Kyle Busch Examiner page for Examiner.com and loves writing about the most hated driver in the garage.

Skirts and Scuffs is the brainchild of Katy who recently realized that women who covered racing or were looking for a career in a motorsports related field weren't getting the publicity they deserved. Katy acts as the administrator and editor of Skirts and Scuffs as well as a contributing author. While it was Katy's idea to begin the site it's not just her site. It's the site of every women who puts their words on the page. She is excited to see what happens next and welcomes any woman who wants their voice heard to join the team.

Katy resides in Ashland, Kentucky with her husband Ryan, their dogs, and one really annoying kitten. Katy can be contacted via email or through twitter.
Jennifer Eblin - Associate Editor/ Contributor

Jenn credits an ex-boyfriend with introducing her to the world of NASCAR and in particular Kevin Harvick. Forced to watch the races with a screaming fan, she had no idea that one day she would be a screaming fan. Lovingly referred to as the “unofficial stalker of NASCAR”, her friends and family tease her that drivers are starting to recognize her and even David Ragan commented that she was beginning to look familiar!

Kevin Harvick remains as her favorite driver, but she also supports Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch, David Ragan and David Stremme. She’s had the chance to meet nearly 20 drivers and has a story about each one, though chatting with Stremme about her adopted hometown of South Bend ranks high as one of her favorites.

When not shouting at the television or annoying fans with her love of Kyle Busch, Jenn works as a full-time freelance writer. In the NASCAR world she contributes to
The Biff Files, runs NASCAR Stalker and serves as the Kevin Harvick Examiner. She’s also proud that an article about Dale Earnhardt Junior’s bar Whisky River, was picked up by the bar and published on their website.

Jenn lives in southwestern Ohio with her Kasey Kahne loving boyfriend, two indoor cats and several stray cats that randomly show up, looking for food from “momma”. You can follow her on
Twitter, but be warned, she really doesn’t like Jimmie Johnson.

Janelle Jalbert - Contributor

Janelle Jalbert is a native of Southern California who began following NASCAR in the 80s.  Though she enjoys a variety of racing formats, her favorite racing is in NASCAR’s top three tiers.  Her favorite drivers through the years have included Bill Elliot, Dale Earnhardt Sr., Tony Stewart and others.  Janelle’s interests include NASCAR/racing history as well as current events.  She currently serves as both the Southern California Motorsports Examiner and the NASCAR Truck Series Examiner for examiner.com. 

Outside of the racing scene, Janelle is an educator with more than a decade
of experience in 5th grade through university settings.  She is currently serving as an online instructor for 5 different universities.  Janelle holds dual B.A. degrees (linguistics and liberal studies), a M.Ed. in cross-cultural teaching, and a M.A. in English.  She is currently working on a PhD in education. She is also in the process of creating a racing-themed program to help students transition to college. Janelle’s publications include books (such as Success Skills for Middle and High School Students, 2001), chapter contributions (as in Conscious Entrprenuers, 2008), and various articles through journals and alike. In addition to racing, Janelle enjoys traveling and has lived, studied, and traveled in more than 15 countries.

Skirts and Scuffs gives special thanks to Janelle for providing Skirts and Scuffs with its name. For more information on Janelle check out her NASCAR Truck Series and Southern California Motorsports pages on Examiner.com. Janelle can also be contacted through Facebook and Twitter.
Amanda "Mandi" Ebersole - Contributor

Many may consider her a newbie to racing but that doesn't mean her knowledge is lacking.  Amanda became interested in Nascar as something to talk about with her father.  Originally she was not that interested but now her Dad comes to her to ask questions about someone's car or when qualfying is. 

Amanda's favorite driver is Carl Edwards, she considers him the total package as far as a driver, personality and sponsor advertiser.  She admits she have even falling into the sponsor realm and bought products because he talks about them.  Amanda never thought she cared about sports but admits her devotion to Nascar runs deep, admitting that she left a family picnic so I could be home for a race.

Find Amanda on Twitter for more information.

Amanda Vincent - Contributor

Amanda Vincent is a NASCAR writer who has been covering the sport for about 10 years. She has been a NASCAR fan since the late 1990s and began covering the sport in 2000 as a self-syndicated columnist. She still writes her self-syndicated newspaper column "This Week in NASCAR" (she was using this title before the Monday night SPEED Channel show) and produces a syndicated, fully-designed weekly newspaper page called "A Look at Racing." 

Amanda also serves as the Louisville NASCAR Examiner for Examiner.com and writes about NASCAR for ElementOfSpeed.com, among other sits. In addition, she's a regular contributor to the Speed Weekly racing paper and has written a few articles for Speedway Illustrated magazine over the years.

Amanda can be contacted via email or Twitter for more information.  

Michelle Hauser - Contributor 

Michelle is not new to the NASCAR world. She got into the sport in 1997 at the age of 7 liking drivers such as Jeff Gordon and Terry Labonte. In 1998 her first favorite driver end up being Matt Kenseth and she has stuck with him ever since. She also goes for Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards, Kurt Busch, Kevin Harvick, Ryan Newman, and Kyle Busch. She has a big heart for her drivers and she never backs down when it comes down to people wanting to point out the flaws in her favorite drivers. Michelle will not hold anything back and she will always speak her mind about anything dealing with NASCAR.

When it deals with writing, she’s has a little experience during her junior year of high school writing for the school’s newspaper. It’s obvious she knows more NASCAR than any school and teenager related issues. Michelle is currently working a part-time job and is pursuing a Child Development Associate (CDA) certification in plans to work with young children in the near future.

Michelle can be contacted through Twitter. You can also find her hanging out on Facebook and MySpace when she's not working or tuned into the race. 
Melissa Bleier - Contributor

Melissa Bleier is a native Californian who attended her first race on a whim and had no idea that it would lead to a lifetime love of stock car racing. Ten years ago, someone asked her if she wanted to come hang out for the afternoon, drink a few beers, and watch a NASCAR race…and her whole life changed when the cars came roaring by. Growing up, her folks owned a mom and pop grocery store and she would kill for a time machine to go back and get all the NASCAR promotional merchandise that came through. 

For the last three years, she has worked as a research historian in San Francisco. Even though she’s 33 now, when she grows up, she wants to work as a NASCAR race track historian. Melissa wrote her Master’s Thesis on historic race tracks and the significance of stock car history. She called it “Don’t They Just Turn Left? NASCAR’s Heritage Race Tracks and Preserving Stock Car Culture.”
Her favorite driver is Fireball Roberts and she wishes that she could have met Smokey Yunick. At the races today, she yells her crazy head off for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Tony Stewart; she can even be seen in a NASCAR commercial, doing just that.

If it isn’t stock car racing, it’s SciFi. A funny combination, but it works out perfect for her. You can find her on Twitter - @TheTrackGirl (also @Uwila) or check out her historic race track blog at HistoricRaceTracks.Wordpress.com
Jen Preston - Contributor

Jen Preston is a lifelong NASCAR fan, who first became a fan because she thought it was cool that Dale Earnhardt had a pink car, and she's loved the sport ever since. At a young age she dreamed of becoming a NASCAR reporter, just so she could interview her hero. Even though that's no longer possible, Jen continues to hold on to her dream of one becoming a NASCAR journalist. She now cheers for Kevin Harvick, Clint Bowyer, Reed Sorenson and Juan Pablo Montoya with a side of Joey Logano and just a hint of Denny Hamlin.

Currently, Jen is attending college in her homestate of Missouri and is majoring in journalism. She currently writes for Bleacher Report, SoCal Sports Hub, FanZoneSports.net and HitTheRopes.com 
Jen can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Kiara Boal - Contributor

Kiara Boal is not one of the typical NASCAR Fangirls that just like a driver because of their looks. NASCAR has been a part of her life since she was a little girl. She never really had a favorite driver until Kyle Busch came along. Then she was hooked :) She would just root for anybody. NASCAR means so much to her because it's one place where she knows she belongs. Kyle Busch is her favorite not because he wins all of the time it's because of his style of racing. He reminds Kiara so much of herself in so many ways. She had the chance to meet Kyle on July 22, 2009. It was one of the best days of her life! She is also a fan of Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards, & Clint Bowyer. 

Kiara is very opinionated and sometimes her opinions cause fights with other NASCAR fans or most recently Jr Nation. She never backs down to any challenge when it comes to NASCAR. Kiara has gotten in many fights about defending NASCAR or Kyle Busch at school, on Myspace, or even at the track.  You can contact her on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, or on NASCAR.com's Community 
Whitney Richards - Contributor 

Whitney Richards is a native of Northeast Tennessee and has been a fan of NASCAR since late 2000. Whitney attended her first NASCAR race, a Nationwide event, March 2003 at Bristol Motor Speedway. Since then she has attended several other races at Bristol including one Camping World Truck Series race, two Nationwide races, and one Sprint Cup event.
In June 2003 Whitney became a fan of Matt Kenseth and has been an avid supporter of him since then. Whitney also follows the rest of the Roush-Fenway organization and cheers on David Ragan as well. In addition you may find Whitney rooting for Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin, and Kyle Busch.

Whitney is a fan who doesn't hesitate for a second to defend her drivers if someone starts talking bad about them. She stands 100% behind her drivers and does not give up on them no matter what happens. She has been told countless times that she cares to much about her drivers, but she doesn't let that bother her.
Whitney's writing experience comes from personal blogs such as those appearing on MySpace and Livejournal. She did write an essay about the COT and how it is affecting NASCAR during her freshman year of college. Whitney is currently enrolled at East Tennessee State University where she is planning on a degree in business and technology. She hopes to one day get a job working with a race team or at one of the tracks in her home state of Tennessee.
Allison Coombs - Contributor 

Allison Coombs is a true “track brat,” raised around the sound of engines and smell of rubber. She has been involved in auto racing since she was born and has traveled from New Brunswick, Canada to Charlotte, NC with her family's race team, Coombs Motorsports. 

Though she has never driven a stock car her “racing career” began in Legend Cars. Even at the age of 5 Allison could always be found out in the garage turning wrenches and getting the car ready for the race weekend. As Allison grew so didn't her involvement in racing when the Legend Series was incorporated in 1999 she helped her family transition the tour into a business. In 2003, Coombs Motorsports left Legend Cars and moved into the American-Canadian Tour for late models. Today the team is racing a late model at its home track, Oxford Plains Speedway in Oxford, ME. Allison can still be found working as a tire specialist and media contact for the team. Being able to understand both the performance and business side of stock car racing is a unique attribute that Allison tries to incorporate into her writing.

Allison's first attempt at writing about racing was as a media intern for the Pro All Star Series (PASS) North Division in the summer of 2008. Her duties included writing race previews and post-race releases. She made a few media contacts in New England and was glad to find a position where she could combine her love of racing and writing. In 2009, Allison launched pitroadpressbox.com a Web site and blog that covers racing news from New England and NASCAR. Aside from writing for Skirts and Scuffs she also updates the Pit Road Press Box blog and is a contributor at Bleacher Report.

As a life-long NASCAR fan, Allison's all-time favorite driver is Bill Elliott. Though there are many drivers that she supports today, every race day you will see her proudly donning her Reed Sorenson gear. She has been a Sorenson fan since he raced Legend Cars and has followed his career into the Cup series.

Allison is currently a Senior at Bentley University majoring in Communications with concentrations in Web design, public relations, and sports manangement. She enjoys infusing her love of racing into her assignments and is working on a thesis exploring the use of social media in sports public relations. After graduating Allison plans to move to North Carolina to pursue a career in the motorsports industry. She cites her career idol as Delana Harvick.

Gina Kelshaw - Contributor

Gina Kelshaw is relatively new to the sport of Nascar. She became a fan mid-2007, and the Pepsi 400 was the first race she ever watched. That night she became Tony Stewart's biggest fan because of his fire and attitude, and to this day is still Tony's biggest fan. She sees a lot of herself in Tony- they both are not afraid to speak their minds on anything, have a sass and sarcastic attitude, but really deep down inside are sweet and have a soft side. :) Don't underestimate Gina's knowledge about Nascar, she knows more than you would think and maybe even more than people who have been around the sport their whole lives.

Gina attended her first race in Pocono in August 2009, and she loved it there. She wonders why people think it's so boring because it really isn't. She also roots for Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards, Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, Ryan Newman, and Hendrick Motorsports. :)

Gina is very opinionated but also very respectful of others points of view. She never backs down when someone talks smack about her drivers. She has been told numerous times that she is truly passionate about the sport. Besides Nascar, Gina goes to college full time and works part time. She eventually wants to become a Meteorologist, maybe even for Nascar. Gina loves writing about Nascar, in blogs on her Livejournal, and even in school essays. Nascar has become a true passion of hers and she is so glad she's gotten so into it!

You can find Gina online in numerous places including, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Livejournal, and the NASCAR.com community

Lauren Shaw - Contributor 

Lauren has been an avid NASCAR fan since 2001. Her favorite drivers include Elliott Sadler, Martin Truex Jr, Brad Keselowski, and Landon Cassill. She also likes other drivers like Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano, Kasey Kahne, Kyle Busch and Scott Speed. Lauren got into racing because of her dad and Elliott Sadler helped keep her enthusiasm going. She’s incredibly protective of her drivers and opinionated about all things NASCAR. The racetracks she’s been to are Pocono Raceway and Michigan International Speedway. And her favorite racetracks are Phoenix International Raceway, Talladega Superspeedway, and Auto Club Speedway.

Lauren is a 19 year old college sophomore, currently enrolled in the Veterinary Technology Program at Columbus State Community College in Columbus, Ohio. NASCAR is her hobby where animals have been her passion since a young age.

Lauren can be contacted via Facebook or Twitter or through her personal blog.
Jenna Marie - Contributor

Jenna spent the majority of her life with no knowledge of the NASCAR world. She was one of those typical girls who said she didn't want to watch people drive in a circle. It stayed that way until a fateful day in February 2008 when she was forced to watch the Daytona 500. She wasn't looking forward to "wasting" a day in front of the TV, little did she know, it would change her life forever.

It was during the 2008 Daytona 500 that Kyle Busch caught her eye. His passion for racing showed through his driving and he sparked an interest in her that she never knew she had. She quickly developed a passion for racing and has been a fan ever since. Normally you'll find her cheering for her favorite drivers, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, and Brian Vickers. However, she has a handful of other drivers that she cheers for as well. She loves her favorite drivers for a reason and doesn't care if you like them or not. 

Even though she has only been a fan for two years, she's learned a lot in a short amount of time. From watching the experts on TV, attending races, and talking to race fans, she's become very knowledgable about the sport. She respects every driver, crew chief, team member, and employee at track. 

Jenna is in her early 20's and currently works in the business world at an international company. On weekends, you can find her watching racing on TV or at the racetrack.

Jenna can be contacted via Twitter.
Summer Dreyer - Contributor

Summer Dreyer is a young NASCAR enthusiast from Topeka, KS who enjoys writing everything NASCAR. Though she grew up in a family of stick-and-ball sports, NASCAR has become her passion and obsession and she hopes to one day become a NASCAR journalist. Summer first became interested in NASCAR after playing the EA Sports video game her brother received in his Easter basket that spring. Quickly learning the names of all the drivers and racetracks, she tuned into her first race in late spring/early fall and has been watching weekly ever since.

Summer also writes for Element of Speed and has her own NASCAR blog called “Next Time By” where she interviews three fans weekly about a specific NASCAR topic and posts their opinions for all to see! Next Time By also has a Twitter page: Next Time By (http://twitter.com/NextTimeBy)

If you would like to contact Summer, you may do so on her personal Twitter page, Facebook, or e-mail

Indira Newell - Contributor

Indira Newell is a writer, historian, and long time NASCAR and motor racing addict. In addition to writing as the Marcos Ambrose Examiner, Indira is a freelance writer who created and maintains the Marcos Ambrose Fan Crew and writes grants for non-profit organizations and universities. She is an active volunteer within her church and community. She lives in Battle Ground, WA with her husband, three children, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 5 chickens and a lizard.

Indira can be contacted via email, the NASCAR.com community, Infield Parking, Facebook, and Twitter
Rebecca Kivak - Contributor

Rebecca Kivak is a NASCAR enthusiast from Wilkes-Barre, Pa. (about an hour away from Pocono Raceway). Though living nearby one of the sport’s most unique tracks, Rebecca didn’t think much about NASCAR until one fateful day in May 2006, when her boyfriend changed channels to watch the Nextel Cup race in Richmond, Va. From that day on, Rebecca was hooked. She has tried to make up for lost time by learning as much as she can about the sport and its personalities.

Rebecca’s favorite driver is Dale Earnhardt Jr. She likes Earnhardt Jr.’s style of racing, personality and passion for the sport. She is also an ardent fan of Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick. Rebecca also likes Brad Keselowski, Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin and Landon Cassill, to name a few! She follows the Sprint Cup and Nationwide series intently while keeping up with the Camping World Truck Series.

Rebecca stands behind her drivers, but is always open to others’ opinions. She enjoys talking with other NASCAR fans about their drivers and various issues in the sport. Rebecca attended her first race at Pocono Raceway in June 2007.

She graduated from Penn State University in 2004 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Economics. Rebecca works as a copy editor and page designer at a local newspaper.

Rebecca can be found on Twitter (becbeat555), Facebook (Rebecca Kivak) or e-mail (rkivak@yahoo.com).

Lindi Bess - Contributor

Lindi Bess is a somewhat new fan to NASCAR.  She became interested in Auto Racing while dating her now husband, Darryl, in the late 1980’s.  They would often catch the ¼ mile drag strip racing held at their local track, Infineon Raceway (Sears Point Raceway) and the nearby Sacramento Raceway.  The speed, the sounds and the smells of the track really fueled her interest in racing.  Something she could sink her teeth into as well as enjoy with her now husband Darryl and their close friends and family.

As far as having a favorite driver goes, it wasn’t until she attended her first Nascar Cup Race that she became really involved in the Cup Series as a whole.  That was back in 1990 at Infineon Raceway (Sears Point Raceway).  This was their first experience at a NASCAR event.  At that point, Lindi went with the hometown boy, Jeff Gordon and Mark “The Kid” Martin. 

They brought their 2-1/2 yr old daughter Chrissy along with them. It made for a most memorable experience and from then on, a family tradition. It was at this race that her family came face to face with the beloved Dale Earnhardt, Sr.  Chrissy was losing the war against a green Ninja Turtle ice cream bar.  Mr. Earnhardt was walking by us and said “That’s what it’s all about”.  Smiling as he walked past.  A moment etched in our memories.

But then, a couple of yrs. later a handsome young driver who really caught her eye and she was hooked.  Jimmie Johnson was the whole package.  He seemed to have a passion for racing that was very admirable not to mention stats to boot.  Everyone, family and friends alike, are aware of Lindi’s loyalty to Jimmie Johnson.  She supports him as well as the whole Hendrick Motor Sports Team; which happen to include all of her favorites.  It makes for an interesting rivalry in the Bess household.  We’ll leave it at that.

Lindi and her husband live in the Napa Valley, about 45 mins from Infineon Raceway.   She has works as a CNA, specializing in elder care.  Her husband, Darryl, is Commercial Truck Driver for Biagi Brothers Trucking.  They are both supporters of the MS Society, as Darryl is living with RRMS.  They have a daughter, Christine 22yrs, who works for an up valley winery. Christine is currently expecting, adding a whole new dimension to their household.

Lindi can be contacted on facebook (Lindi Bess) eblogger (http://ourlifenow-mswife327.blogspot.com/ ) and twitter (LindiBess).
Amanda Bradeen - Contributor 

Amanda Bradeen is 19 and is in love NASCAR. It's as simple as that. Well she lives in Maine and is an English major at University of Maine at Augusta. She also comes from a family of local drivers. Her grandparents and uncle race at Oxford Plains Speedway in Oxford ME. Her dad used to race at Beech Ridge Raceway in Maine as well. He walked away with three championships. She became obsessed with Dale Earnhardt Jr and NASCAR at age 11 and hasn't given up hope on her favorite driver. She eventually wants to move to North Carolina and work with NASCAR. She always enjoys writing a truly unique and awesome NASCAR stories!!!!!!! She is newly amazed with how the cars are built! Though she does have her favorite, she enjoys watching NASCAR in general. New Hampshire is her home track and she tries not to miss a race. She has also been to Richmond which was amazing she said, and next on her list is Bristol. Amanda can be contacted on Twitter, Facebook or MySpace by looking for Mander88racer.
Tara Crittenden - Contributor 

Tara credits her grandparents for her love of NASCAR and her mother for a love of racing in general. Her earliest memories of racing would be at the famed Manzinita Speedway watching J.J.Yeley turn the wheel before her became a big named star. Born and raised as a Dale Sr fan, she happily watched NASCAR till her grandfather passed on in '94. From there to early 2001, her grandmother used it to share a bond. An avid Dale Sr. and at the time Adam Petty fan, she gave up the sport from Feburary of 2001 till the end of 2004 after the untimely death of both her drivers. In early 2005, a geeky looking kid from Chesterfield, Virginia caught her attention in what is now known as the Nationwide series and her love of the sport has been engulfed into an endless flame, burning with passion. Known as 'Denny Hamlins Biggest Fan', she admits the deal wasn't sealed to he scored his first career Sprint Cup pole at Phoenix Int'l Raceway on what was her 17th birthday, 11-11-2005.

Tara is a freshman at Mesa Community College (studying Public Relations and Marketing) and currently resides in Tempe, Arizona, with her sister, niece, and nephew who she has turned into future fans of the sport, (they're Denny Hamlin fans.) and a bunch of ROWDY frat boys. Other than her diehard love of Denny Hamlin (which has got her far, scoring lunch with him and PIR, and winning Phoenix 1 of 'Dennys Seats') she roots her heart out for Brian Scott in the Camping World Truck Series and for Michael McDowell (a hometown boy) and Justin Allgaier in the Nationwide Series. She also has a love for J.J. Yeley (another hometown boy) and Landon Cassill and wishes they both still raced in NASCAR.

You can find Tara on Twitter at @dhamsbiggestfan ranting about her drivers' up and down rollercoaster of a season, and how much she dislikes Brad Keselowski, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr (really Jr Nation more than him) and her on and off love/hate affair with Kyle Busch. She's not one to go down without a fight and has been frequently unfollowed/blocked by many because they can't handle the truth. Tara admits that she's a proud fan, (and does not take anyones BS towards her drivers and will put them in their spot, seeing as she's gotten into many fights with men 3 times her age cuz they can't handle that Denny Hamlins the real deal.)

Tara is a well seen figure every race weekend at Phoenix International Raceway, the one in a head to toe DH gear, running around, meeting as many drivers as she can (54+ and counting) and working on getting her degree from Mesa Community College and Arizona State University to work for NASCAR/ISC after graduation. Other than living the life of a racefan, Tara looks up to Kim Wallace (Kenny Wallaces' wife) as her role model for being a racing wife and a wife in general and to Mary Lou and Dennis Hamlin for their admiration to never give up on their sons' dream.

You can reach her on twitter at 
http://www.twitter.com/dhamsbiggestfan ... On MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/bigtaara .. On Facebook athttp://www.facebook.com/dhamsbiggestfan and on her personal LJ at http://www.dhamsbiggesfan.livejournal.com


Katelyn Kinnett - Contributor

Katelyn Kinnett does not consider herself a race-fan but rather someone who appreciates speed.  She began watching racing in 1995 and fell in love with her fathers favorite driver, Jeff Gordon.  In 2004 she began to take her passion for speed a bit further than most.  She began looking into schools in the Charlotte area so that she could one day be involved in the sport that had been her passion for nearly a decade.

In 2005 she began to network with fans, team members, & drivers hoping that these connections would one day pay off.  In 2006, she applied early to Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, NC--10 miles South West of Charlotte, NC.  She was accepted & entered into the Motorsports Management program in the Fall of 2007.  In the Spring of 2008, she worked for Lowes Motor Speedway and also worked at the inaugural ARCA race at Rockingham Speedway that May, hoping to network with people that would be valuable to her future.  She was also hoping to become more rounded in the general sense of racing in both a business aspect & a social aspect.

She is currently living back home in Cincinnati, OH but visits Charlotte frequently and plans on moving back to North Carolina within the next year or so to fulfill her dream of working for Hendrick Motorsports.

Before contacting her on any outside sites, please note that she is very opinionated and passionate about the things she enjoys in life, so although she keeps her opinions on this site toned down, her personal websites are full of opinionative statuses and/or tweets.

If interested in contacting Katelyn:

Jenny Sigelko - Contributor

My name is Jenny Sigelko and I was born & raised in the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan.  I am an only child, which brought the best of both worlds.  I learned how to cook and sew and knit from my mother, and also learned to change the oil and do woodworking and repair things from my father.  Motorsports has been part of my life from the very beginning, spending many Saturday nights at the local race track {before it closed} and many Sunday afternoons watching the races on TV.

It seemed very natural to go to college to become a Mechanical Engineer. I was given an opportunity at the company my father worked for, Chrysler, to work there and get a masters in ME.  He retired after 40.5 years about 6 months before I started.  I have now worked there almost 12 years.  We say that in the 80 year history of Chrysler, we have nearly 53 years covered.  The last 18 months has been nearly pure torture for us in Detroit.  I look forward to hearing your impressions of the US auto industry, as well as helping you glimpse 'life on the inside'.

During my Senior year in High School, my hero, Alan Kulwicki died in a plane crash.  Then followed Davey Allison's helicopter crash.

One of my assignments at Chrysler was to work on the Craftsman Truck Series Dodge test team.  People discouraged me from taking the assignment, telling me it would probably hurt my overall career.  I am forever glad that I listened to my intuition that this would be a life changing experience.  I was never so happy to get up to go to work, nor have I had a tougher job. After a year, I reluctantly left for greener pastures.  I have kept up my friendships that I made during that time.

I enjoy seeing my friends on TV during practices and races, and I do wish I could rejoin them.  I volunteered with KAutomotive Nationwide team this summer and fall as shop help. I am hoping to continue that next year.  I hope to bring a different perspective to your forum, one that may focus on the 'off the track' work that is done week in and week out to prepare for the track.  I also hope to motivate my girlfriends here to go to your workshops and get into those tools!  Armed with a bit of knowledge and confidence, you'll be playing 'armchair car chief' during the races.

Recently, I went back to school for a degree in Psychology.  I love to cook and run and bike, {which I ride to work}. I seem to be constantly fixing my car, or playing with my cats. Two years ago I married a man who is not into racing as I am, but is not jealous by my relationship with motorsports.


Genesis Short - Contributor

Genesis Short (better known as Genna to her fans) is a 25 year old NASCAR fan, amateur photographer, and semi-professional writer who hopes to make her living writing for popular NASCAR magazines or websites. By day, she works for Sprint as a universal Care and Finance agent. By night, she is a belly dancer, singer, and budding journalist. She can be reached on Twitter (@GennaGirl), e-mail (gen_short@live.com), or on her website (www.One4theWin.com).

Patti Rodisch - Contributor

Patti Rodisch is a freelance writer. She currently writes for BleacherReport.com, where she is an analyst. Also she writes for FanHuddle.com, foxsports.com community, NASCAR.com community and FanZone Sports. As you can tell she loves to write and write about NASCAR.

She got her first opportunity to cover a NASCAR Sprint Cup series and NASCAR Nationwide series weekend in July 2009 at Chicagoland Speedway. She has been a NASCAR fan since 1997, the first race she watched was the CMT 300 at New Hampshire and Jeff Gordon won.

She is from the Midwest but has big plans to move to North Carolina to pursue her goals of writing for the sport she loves.

You can contact her at prodnascar@gmail.com.  Patti is also on twitter @Patti_Rodisch. 

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