For Elliott Sadler 2010 Could Be Good or Bad

Imagine this: you're leading the Daytona 500 with rain coming. You know that there's a huge possibility that they could call the race on rain and you could become the Daytona 500 champion; a title that is very much respected throughout NASCAR. And then you get passed; a half a lap later they wave the red flag for rain. You end up finishing 5th. Anger and disappointment doesn't even begin to explain the way Elliott Sadler was feeling at the end of that race. Sadler had led 24 laps and was up front for most of the race. Finishing 5th in the biggest race in NASCAR isn’t a bad thing but it hurts when you know how close you were to winning.

Before the 2009 season started, Sadler didn't even know if he was going to have a ride for the upcoming season. With rumors swirling around that fellow team mate, AJ Allmendinger was going to take over his ride. So to say that he had a disappointing season also doesn't even begin to explain how awful it really was. Here's a talented race car driver that was constantly finding himself finishing races many laps down. His car and team weren’t able to perform the way they needed to, so that they could keep up with everyone else in the garage area. Sadler came out of the 2009 season with only one Top 5 and 5 Top 10s and finished 31st in the overall standings.

Not only was it a disappointing year for Sadler and his team, but for his fans also. It’s really hard seeing your favorite driver struggle when you know the potential he has. I know I can speak for all Sadler fans in saying that I am excited for the 2010 season. With him driving a Yates Ford again, I know that we all will see improvement. Sadler was more successful in Fords and with Yates. Plus the Roush-Yates engines are impressive.

With a baby on the way, I’m hoping Sadler’s spirits will be lifted in 2010 and hopefully help his excitement while in the car. I may be favoring him but I’m personally expecting Sadler to lead laps and win races this season. Good luck to you and your team in 2010 Elliott!

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