LMS is now Charlotte Motor Speedway

Eleven years ago it seemed like a great idea for Lowe's to become the end all be all sponsor for the NASCAR track located just minutes from Charlotte, NC. It was a time when MLB and NFL stadiums were being renamed for the corporate giants who gave them money. NASCAR figured it might as well jump on the bandwagon, so to speak.

After a decade of being Lowe's Motor Speedway it was announced in late 2009 that Lowe's would not be renewing their contract with the speedway at the completion of the season. For many who have only know the 1.5 mile track as Lowe's Motor Speedway it was one of those "oh no moments." But, for those of us who remember it before the corporate name change the track always has been and always will be Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Monday it was announced that the track is being renamed Charlotte Motor Speedway and that renovations are under way to remove the Lowe's signage from the track.

All I have to say is welcome back Charlotte Motor Speedway!
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