Jessica's 2010 Championship Picks

Here at Skirts and Scuffs we have opinions. That's what happens when you get a bunch of female race fans together. We understand the Chase is months away, but we still thought it would be fun if our panel of writers made their predictions for the 2010 Champions before the season begins.

Today, Jessica shares her predictions for 2010. Let her know what you think of her picks in the comments below.

Sprint Cup Series: MARK MARTIN (or Tony Stewart?)

After a long and tedious decision, I have decided to go with Mark Martin to win the 2010 Sprint Cup Championship. Out of everyone on the track who doesn't have the name 'Jimmie Johnson' and is not associated with the #48 team, I believe Mark, his crew chief Alan Gustafson, and the rest of the #5 team have the capabilities of outshining Jimmie Johnson, and could very well put an end to the history-making Championship streak that has the #48 team at the top. If anyone can take down Jimmie and his #48 Lowes Chevrolet, you can bet it'll be Mark Martin and his #5 Chevrolet. Mark had a breakout season last year after returning to the Cup Series full-time with Hendrick Motorsports. After capturing 5 wins, one of which being the Chase opener at Loudon, Mark was a dominant driver almost each and every week. I believe he will be a key player in the 2010 Sprint Cup standings and he will be number one come November at Homestead. For once, Mark Martin WILL NOT be the bridesmaid. He will finally be the BRIDE and I'm hoping Tony Stewart will be his long as Tony's not the Champion of course ;) Although it'd be nice to see Tony win a Championship with his new team, it'd be beautiful to see Mark "The Kid" Martin win one after so many years of finishing second.

Nationwide Series: CARL EDWARDS

The Nationwide Series is always quite a jumble. Between various Cup drivers racing each week and new rookies coming in now and then, it's hard to tell who will win this one with all the diversity. Thinking back to 2009, Carl Edwards had a breakout season. He'll sure be someone to watch on the track each and every week. You might think Brad Keselowski could win the title, as could anyone else. But I feel Carl's got that something special and I believe 2010 will be his year in this Series.

Camping World Truck Series: RON HORNADAY JR.

Of course, I had to pick Ron Hornaday to win here. How could I not?! 2009 was the year of Hornaday! Him and his team captured five straight wins in a row, and when they didn't finish #1, they still finished among the top 10. Those stats ultimately led up to Homestead, where Hornday and his team were crowned the 2009 Camping World Truck Series Champions. Now I know there will be some tough competition coming out of the Kyle Busch Motorsports stable, especially since his former crew chief, Rick Ren, will now be the Director of Competition for that team. But with the drive and talent Hornaday has, I believe he is fully capable of winning his second consecutive championship without a hitch. Even if it's with a new crew chief ;)

I chose the drivers above because I believe they outshine the rest when it comes down to what winning a championship really means and what it stands for. Please remember that these are only (my personal) predictions, and we'll have to see what plays out throughout the 2010 season to find out who gets crowned the Champion, or should I say Champions, come this November.
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