Las Vegas + Alcohol = Trouble

Nationwide Series driver John Wes Townley was cited this past Thursday in Las Vegas. Townley, who is not of drinking age, received a citation for possession of alcohol. Although it is unknown what his blood alcohol level was, NASCAR has declined to comment on the situation.

In a statement released Saturday, Townley, 20, says he made a "terrible mistake" and offered an apology to his team and NASCAR. Townley stated he felt terrible and learned his lesson.

Townley drives the No. 21 for Richard Childress Racing. He participated in the practice and qualifying events Friday. NASCAR's policy regarding substance abuse prohibits a driver or competitor from drinking 12 hours prior to or during any track activity.

NASCAR also declined comment on whether they had been informed prior to Townley's appearance on the track or if they were informed of the incident at all.

UPDATE: NASCAR said in a statement it was "aware of the situation."

"We have met with the driver and addressed the matter with him directly," the statement said.

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